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AssessHub is an online assessment platform that helps you hire, retain and develop talent.

An initiative of Five Elements Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, AssessHub involves the use of customized online assessments comprising all areas of Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Psychometric & Technical testing to evaluate the potential of prospective employees and integrate them into your organization in their best-suited profile.

Developed by industry stalwarts and HR professionals, AssessHub is set to please recruiters with solutions embracing the entire aspect of employment suitability fine-tuned to your organization.

AssessHub enables a detailed report of pre hiring practices and completely primes recruiters with a standardized suite of outcomes for candidates to put them through to the next round of interviews.

Whether the domain of testing is in aptitude or reasoning or psychometrics, AssessHub unites multiple question formats and complex algorithms to generate assessments that visibly balance the suitability of candidates to work profile.

Through a simplified interface and a commitment to delivering the right shortlist of talent, AssessHub is a budding industry favorite with a number of endorsements across organizations everywhere.

3.6 Lacs Assessments Delivered | 90,000+ Validated Questions | 45+ competencies | 140 Ready Tests

Organizational Philosophy

A strong foundation is what defines the majesty of a building’s structure, architecture and magnificence.

At Assesshub, which is an initiative of Five Elements Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we firmly believe in possessing and believing in a firm set of values. These values are what define our Vision and Mission and as an organization that strictly adheres to these values, we aim to inculcate the same in our team members across all levels.

Mr. Roy Edward Disney of The Walt Disney Company once said "It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

We relate ourselves to the very elements that when fused together, make existential sustenance of all that surrounds us, possible. This is why we imbibe qualities from the Five ubiquitous Elements of being, which not only form the very basis of our pristine principles but also make us the perfect partner for all your Human Resource Management needs.





Our vision is to be the most reputed skills’ assessment company that is known for its quality of assessment, disruptive technology, and exceptional customer orientation thereby maximizing returns for all stake holders.


We simplify skills' assessment so that you can assess talent better, faster and at lesser cost.




The Founders

Twinkle Shah Twinkle Shah

Every business across the Globe benefits as much from a creative mind as a masterpiece benefits from the artist. Every technological solution depends on robust conceptualization and this is a responsibility that has been skillfully and consistently shouldered by Twinkle at AssessHub.

Twinkle, who brings in an experience of 12 years in managing large scale technology operations and developing technology enabled HR Platforms, has formulated and implemented technology products in India, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia and in the Middle East.

Prior to founding AssessHub, Twinkle led Business, Delivery and Operations for noteworthy organizations like KairoLeaf Analytics (as founding member), AurionPro, eServe (acquired by TCS) and XLDynamics. Twinkle has been a founder member at Kairoleaf Analytics where she has managed organic and inorganic growth for the organization.

Her strategic insights, business acumen, capability to envision and implement complex business strategies in a seamless and effortless fashion tremendously benefits AssessHub as an organization.

Twinkle wields a Master's Degree in Information Technology and is therefore both technically and professionally well equipped to lead the organization.

Amit Desai Amit Desai

Creativity and conceptualization are the best of friends, but only when they are endlessly supported by a strong innovative mind. Professionals with panache and personable disposition like that of Amit are as rare as a needle in a haystack.

Amit provides the strong support that any organization needs in terms of innovation, new business sales and setting up technology enabled HR services. At AssessHub, Amit is not only responsible for developing innovative business models but also development of business across multiple geographies and providing strategic inputs.

Prior to founding AssessHub, Amit has been associated with stellar organizations like McKinsey (Australia), Common Wealth Bank (Australia), ApnaLoan.com (acquired by ICICI Bank), AurionPro and Hinduja Technology Media and Telecom.

Amit brings with him 14 years of experience in influencing organic and inorganic growth, devising and implementing business strategies and developing and maintaining businesses in India, US, UK, Australia and Middle East.

The company gains from Amit’s strategic inputs with respect to overall business strategy and direction, in his capacity as a founder member.

Amit is also equipped with a Master’s Degree in e-Business and Marketing.




Strategic Advisors

shashank Shashank Vaidya

Shashank Vaidya comes with wealth of experience and knowledge in the human resources space. In his career spanning over 30 years, he has been involved in areas like strategic HR, training and development and technology in government sector as well as in large corporation sin private sectors. He was awarded with three gold medals for outstanding performance in both academics and fieldwork with the Indian Railways and credited with setting up training infrastructure of large corporations.

Being a strategic advisor, Shashank works closely with the core team in the area of product development creating proprietary assessment techniques and training models. His wealth of experience in human resources helps in developing online models for organization effectiveness.

Prior to this association, Shashank has worked in leadership positions at Indian Railways, Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) and HIRCO.

Shashank has a Post graduate qualification in Structural Engineering from IIT Madras in 1982 with a Gold medal.

Satish Parchure Satish Parchure

Certified Lead Assessor for Quality Systems and a President's Medal winner for Diploma in Transport Economics and Management, Mr. Satish Parchure has more than 30 years' experience in various sectors like Heavy Engineering, and Information Technology.

Being a strategic advisor to Five Elements, Satish lends his technology expertise and works closely with the team to develop innovative technology products. He is also involved in strategic planning on overall growth of the organization.

Prior to this association Satish has had long stints with companies like Larsen and Toubro, Pennar Aluminium and the UB Group. His last assignment was as Managing Director of US Interactive, an Indian subsidiary of a software company based in California, US.

He has handled with significant achievements various managerial functions in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, Human Resources, IT Infrastructure, and Software Development.

Satish Parchure is a Mechanical Engineer from VNIT, Nagpur and PGDM –IIM Kolkata.

Rajiv Dabhadkar Rajiv Dabhadkar

Rajiv has over 25 years of experience in education and technology sectors. His academic research and practical knowledge in the area of migrant workers in the global context has been well received and appreciated by government bodies in India, US and UK. Rajiv has lived in the United States for more than a decade helping large companies deal movement of global talent. He has also authored two books – Titled "American Work Permit – Official Rules & Regulations of American Work Visa" And "Green Carrot – America's Work Visa Crisis". He is interviewed in over 200 articles in over 30 leading publications both in India as well as the United States. His research work has been cited by the UK Border Agency as well as the US Homeland Security.

As a strategic advisor, Rajiv works closely with the core team to enhance the cross cultural experience and globalization of products.

Prior to this Rajiv has worked with Fortune 10 companies like AT&T, Meril Lynch, Intel Corp, Viacomm International (MTV Networks) and Lucent Technologies.

Rajiv is a MS Computer Science from Monmouth University, USA and MBA from St. Peters college, USA.

Arijit Chanda Arijit Chanda

Arijit comes with over 20 years of corporate experience in business development, risk management, strategic planning, analytics and organizational excellence.

Being a strategic advisor, Arijit works closely with Five Elements team and lends his wealth of experience in learning and development to create customised training and assessment models.

Prior to this association, Arijit has worked in leadership positions at Tata Group, Fullerton and CITI Group and has wealth of experience in retail, SME and Corporate customers.

Arijit is a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant.

Ravindra Dey Ravindra Dey

Ravindra Dey comes with 20+ years’ of experience in core HR, learning & development and skills assessment. He is a certified skills assessment expert from leading global bodies. Ravindra comes with wealth of experience in Strategic HRM, Human Resource Development, Talent Management, Training and development, Organization Development and Performance Management.

At Five Elements, he has been instrumental in developing assessment mythology and lends his domain in creating highly specialized content in the behavioral assessment space.

Prior to this association, he has worked in top management positions at Ion Exchange, Hindustan Pencils, OMCI, Wockhardt, TCG and EWDL.

Ravindra is a post graduate in HR from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and holds a Masters Diploma in Software Engineering. He is also currently pursuing his Doctoral studies from the Academy of HRD, Ahmedabad. He is the Author of 3 books and has published research papers in several National and International Research Journals.

Tarini Vaidya Tarini Vaidya

Tarini Vaidya has spent over 25 years in the banking sector in India, and specialized in the Financial Markets area. Tarini focuses on the banking, financial services and insurance space. She works with leadership teams in banks, broking houses, insurance companies and mutual funds mainly with foreign exchange exposure.

Being a strategic advisor, Tarini works closely with Five Elements team and lends her domain in developing effective evaluation techniques and assessment models.

Prior to this association, Tarini has worked in leadership positions at ANZ Bank, Dresdner Bank, KBC Bank, Centurion Bank, and HDFC Bank.

Tarini is a commerce graduate with honors from Lady Shriram College, Delhi University.

Sanjoy Banerjee Sanjoy Banerjee

Mr. Sanjoy Banerjee has over 33 years of proven experience across Financial Services, IT and Engineering Industry; in leadership positions for setting up and running profit centers, businesses/organizations, developing business strategy and implementing processes and systems.

Sanjoy is an Independent Business consultant and a Corporate Trainer. He works closely with Five Elements team as a Strategy advisor and lends his wealth of experience in training to create unique and domain rich content.

Prior to this association, Sanjoy Banerjee has worked in leadership role with ICRA Online Ltd, G E C of India Ltd, Larsen & Toubro, SRF Finance Ltd and the Usha Martin Group.

Sanjoy is an electrical engineer with post-graduation in General Management from IIM Kolkata.

Swaminathan S B Swaminathan S B

Swami comes with over 23 years of experience in business development and marketing with experience in the retail banking, credit cards, technology, IT enabled services, consumer finance and education verticals. He has proven track record of conceptualizing and nurturing innovative business models, incubating start-ups coupled with that he brings wealth of experience in running large businesses in leadership positions.

Being a strategic advisor, Swami mentors the founders on the overall business development and sales strategy of the organization. He is also involved in strategic planning on overall growth of the organization.

Prior to this association, Swami has worked with CITI in various roles for over 16 years in India as well as global locations. He has been instrumental in starting up Prism Payments, Brilliant tutorials, PayTel, Ipath Technologies and EZVidya.

He is extremely passionate about innovating and implementing game-changing solution for education in India. Swami is B.E Electronics and an M.B.A in Marketing and Systems.




Don't mind if we stand out in the crowd

Despite being a progressive and technologically advanced online assessments player in the market, we still respect traditional methodologies. This is why we know what needs to be avoided when it comes to formulating Assessment strategies. While we stay up to date with the latest technology, we also take the liberty to prove ourselves as more than just an assessment solutions vendor. We truly believe in the unification of minds for a common goal and which is why we have the right resources allocated to the right tasks. What sets AssessHub apart is the allocation and utilization of the right technology and our constant focus on quality of deliverables in terms of your assessment needs.

The fact that AssessHub is not a conventional skill assessment company is proved by many factors:

  • Professional teams with 230+ man-years of experience, capable of providing solutions for cumbersome and complex business challenges.
  • Strong HR domain understanding and inherent technology product development expertise makes AssessHub unique.
  • At AssessHub, we personally believe in Return on Investments, which is why we leverage our gigantic knowledge base to appropriately meet every assessment need our clients trust us with.
  • Being client centric is in our DNA. We understand our clients so well that we tailor make our assessment solutions in order to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Reduced Costs -
    • No maintenance and upgrade costs
    • Minimal IT infrastructure required
    • Subscription / Pay per use model.
  • Commitment to Quality: We believe in stringent Quality Control as our clients place their trust in us to deliver the best quality in the industry
  • Internal Processes: We are a process driven organization, and that helps us honor our commitments and timelines
  • Client Focused Approach: Tailor-made assessment solutions for Clients




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