• The IT & ITES scenario in India

    As one of the largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, India accounts for almost 67% of the USD 120-130 billion market. With a workforce of over 10 million, this industry has contributed tremendously to the economic transformation of the country today.

    Expected to grow at a rate of 12-14% for FY 2016, the industry is likely to grow to about USD 300 billion by 2020 and has attracted significant investments.

    This has led to the sector generating massive employment and with it there is the continuing trend of providing more job opportunities. This has led to higher demand for IT professionals in E-commerce, technology companies, cloud computing, internet & social media companies as well as other IT startups.

    Key HR Challenges for the IT & ITES sector

    Current employment pattern in this industry shows a definite need to address concerns arising out of skill gap discrepancies that undermine the latent potential of the value chain.

    Along with the widening skills gap, retaining the top talent and placing people for long term permanent roles is another difficult task. With the skills shortage pushing rates higher, there’s a greater likelihood of counter offers and incentives luring candidates away and hence it is all the more required to zero in on employees who will stay with you in the long run.

    For ITES companies, one of the major concerns is the high attrition rate that ranges anywhere between 25-40 per cent and hence poses a huge challenge. Besides the loss of crucial skill sets, the cost of recruitment and training represent additional expenditure for the ITeS-BPO firms.

    How our Online Skill Assessment Platform can help

    At AssessHub, we offer a series of skill tests which helps you find professionals that raise quality and resulting proceeds accruing from your most valued employees.

    For domain enriched Information Technology engineers or technically qualified product developers or proactive business analysts, you need to look no further than AssessHub. Our innovative online skill assessment platform ensures that candidates are screened and effectively evaluated to actively pursue your objectives.

    With online coding test through coding simulators that replicate real life environment allowing candidates to code as they would on the job as well as online programming tests that help you assess basic fundamentals of programming.

    We offer these assessment solutions that allow you to adapt to change much faster and help you evaluate the right talent across the hiring, development and measurement requirement for the IT & ITES industry.

  • BFSI
  • The BFSI scenario in India

    The banking industry has commendably integrated technology and reformed accounting to venture into large-scale development of systems that effectively remove bottlenecks and smoothen risks associated with financial systems.

    With over 26 public sector banks, 25 private sector banks, 43 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1,589 urban cooperative banks and 93,550 rural cooperative banks, in addition to cooperative credit institutions, the Indian banking system is in a pretty robust shape. With the Indian economy on the brink of a major transformation with enhanced spending on infrastructure and speedy implementation of projects, these reforms are expected to take growth to the next level.

    All these factors suggest that India’s banking sector is also poised for robust growth as the rapidly growing business would turn to banks for their credit needs.

    That this is primarily a service provided by people is overlooked though. These people are what count in making financial institutions and banking systems successful. HR issues today aren’t so much associated with attrition as it is with the skill-gap in leadership.

    Key HR Challenges for the BFSI sector

    In the next decade, the workforce requirement for the BFSI sector is expected to be more than 4 million and the sector may create up to 20 lakh new jobs in this time frame. Some of the key issues that HR in BFSI may face could range right from attracting new talent, retaining talented employees, ensuring engaged teams for better performance.

    With the need to have highly qualified and potential workforce not only to lead teams, but also to meet future requirements on an ongoing basis. Most banks have experienced several gaps in leadership in the absence of proper succession planning. Talent retention is yet another huge challenge for the BFSI sector considering most present generation employees opt to keep looking for better prospects.

    How our Online Skill Assessment Platform can help

    At AssessHub, our highly customised skill assessments will ensure that you hire the best talent who would typical excel in the banking and financial services industry and gel well with your organisation's work culture. You can now hire the best talent as well as develop and measure performance better with this unique online platform while you also plan to identify and groom your high potentials.

    Through an engaging relationship, we refine our analysis of your business over and over again to keep in tune to your needs and the industry’s trends to successfully mitigate any conflicts related to your human resources. Our innovative solutions strengthen your assets today while surveying your tomorrow to constantly deliver the best people.

  • Digital Services & Gaming
  • The Digital services and Gaming scenario in India

    The digital servicing and gaming industry is rapidly growing into a hub for solutions that use innovation to deliver digital services for customers and web solutions. This development has a parallel and subsequent trend in the increased number of professionals that are required as talent.

    As the industry mushrooms into a bigger niche, we strengthen your core of human resource across all capabilities keeping the future in mind. Our assessment platform helps you assess and hire talent that can be retained through appraisal and performance tracking models.

    Key HR Challenges for the Digital services & Gaming industry

    Most jobs in the digital sector could remain unoccupied by 2020 due to lack of digital skills in prospective candidates. In fact, most executives reveal that they are not happy with the skills of the digital and social media teams and this huge talent gap leaves much to be desired.

    This makes it all the more necessary to have a more rigorous hiring process with ongoing training and yearly reviews especially considering millennials form a major chunk of this workforce and look to rapidly move up the ladder.

    For most HR, another common challenge is that digital professionals can outsmart them by using terms that can be usually unfamiliar or sound sophisticated to a novice. These interactions may not reflect the appropriate skill-sets necessary to fit the job requirements in the digital role.

    Another huge task is a lingering sense of entitlement for most young hires in digital roles. These new employees usually expect to advance or be hired for higher level positions even before they have sufficiently proved themselves.

    How our Online Skill Assessment Platform can help

    At AssessHub, we help you find the right digital media and gaming experts across all verticals of digital services by using our skill assessment platform to streamline the search process.

    Whether you’re developing 360 degrees digital services, SEO and website design, animation content, digital marketing tools or gaming programs, we find you candidates with the desired profile. Our skill assessment platform helps you successfully find those professionals who love all things digital, carry a great work ethic and shoulder responsibility as collaborators in your business.

  • Retail
  • The Retail scenario in India

    The Indian retail industry is one of the most dynamic industries that accounts for over 10% of India’s GDP and almost 8 % of the overall employment. Recognized as the world’s 5th largest destination in retail, even online retail is expected to catch up with the physical stores in the years to come.

    In fact, India is expected to become one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets, with robust investments and quick rise in the number of internet users. In the next decade, this market is expected to reach USD 220 billion in terms of gross merchandise value and 500 million shoppers.

    Key HR Challenges for the Retail sector

    The key task for HR in the retail sector is to help build a highly skilled, engaged and productive workforce and to discover new sources of effective talent. The challenge here would be to pre-empt industry trends, identify future requirements of the business and prepare a pool of future-ready talent.

    Another constant threat is a high rate employee turnover rate that usually leads to difficulties in training and development as well as the need to constantly recruit and hire new people. Considering the emphasis on cost-cutting and thin margins, HR also needs to build manpower efficiencies and enhance employee productivity on an ongoing basis.

    How our Online Skill Assessment Platform can help

    Our effort as your skill assessment solution provider has always revolved around our expertise in making our contributions continue through the complete recruitment cycle and therefore retaining your best talent becomes easier with us as your partner.

    The real challenge is in retaining the skilled employees working in supply chain logistics or product development and marketing and engaging them with greater prospects of growth to maintain a competitive advantage in your assets. In recognizing and retaining these knowledge workers, our assessment platform helps you gauge their capabilities as well as areas of improvement so that they can realize their value in your business and work harder.

    Our skill assessment platform helps you assess and select floor staff, salespeople, supervisors and managers and knowledge workers that are motivated by more than just money. Training your employees and increasing their perks can go a long way in imprinting loyalty and we can help you improve and increase the productivity of your workforce.

  • Telecom
  • The Telecom industry scenario

    Presently the second-largest telecommunication market with the third highest number of internet users in the world, India’s telephone subscriber base expanded exponentially at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of almost 20% in the last decade.

    Fever is what is increasingly associated with the telecom industry’s growth in India with us poised to become the largest wireless network in the world.

    An obvious derivative is the increasing opportunities for human resource with management working persistently to find talent. And if they can forecast and act on changing market constraints then assets become the foundation of competitive advantage. We at AssessHub work intricately with businesses to help you find talent that widen your horizons in this dynamic environment with numerous competitors.

    HR Challenges

    Businesses are increasingly buying talent, outsourcing talent pools, and developing skill development programs to augment their people processes. In fact, one of the foremost HR challenges for this industry is retaining and rewarding critical talent, team players who deliver outstanding performance or have high potential. This requires the HR team to be constantly on its feet to devise innovative practices that rewards these performers, retains them and helps them grow within the organisation.

    The need for HR to `make things happen' and continuously innovate to stay relevant is increasing tremendously. The telecom industry requires the best solutions in the area of attracting and retaining talent, leadership development, talent management, building a performance culture, rewarding high performers disproportionately and, above all, driving the right culture and values.

    Business leaders today expect HR to play the role of an 'enabler' for the entire organization and ensure the entire team is focused on a common goal.

    How our assessment platform can help

    With our online skill assessment platform we help you find competent talent, faster.

    With our customized assessment solutions you can count on freelancers, contract hires, middle management workers and executive talent that service all network or manufacturing operations, better.

    Be it hiring the best talent from the campus or lateral hiring, or recognizing your high potentials our personality, functional and aptitude tests are prepared keeping in mind your preference to hire the absolutely right fit for your organization and industry.

  • FMCG
  • The FMCG industry scenario

    The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy with a market size that is estimated to grow to almost USD 75 billion in 2018. Growing at a compounded average growth rate (CAGR) of 10 to 12%, FMCG has a market of approximately INR 150 billion in India.

    The FMCG sector is regarded to be the fourth largest sector in India and with an increasing urban population the consumer durables have come to support bigger markets with increased competition.

    For individual businesses this implies a constant pressure to retain market position and hence finding the right talent that can successfully propel your organization to achieve desired results is of utmost essence.

    Key HR Challenges for the FMCG industry

    The common practice for this sector is to fill the senior positions internally as only less than 10% are open for recruitment. Some of the most difficult skills to attract across levels are functional skills and domain knowledge for specialist roles. Using a mix of online job portals and employee referrals as the most preferred sourcing channel across levels; only about 11 % organizations report more than 90 % selection ratio for both these channels.

    The most important hiring metrics are considered to be the time to hire, cost per hire and time to offer. With the increase in social media spend more than 50% organizations in the sector are leveraging the same for sourcing and attracting active and passive talent.

    However, it still remains to be seen whether these recruitment practices are yielding the best possible results in terms of finding the right talent that is the best fit for FMCG organizations.

    How our assessment platform can help

    With our online skill assessment platform we help you find competent professionals across different functionalities that conceive or execute your vision efficiently by using adaptable processes and inventive decision-making in a manner that sets our assessment solutions apart.

    As companies become more youth oriented and search for innovative recruiting practices, our assessment solutions help you zero in onto the absolutely right fit for your organization.

    Recognizing the best talent from educational institutions through campus hiring is made much easier with our expertise of having delivered more than 3.6 lakh assessments across 9 industry verticals. Even hiring for lateral roles, finding the motivation and engagement levels of your existing employees and ensuring that your training needs are properly identified – our assessment platform does it all for you.

  • Media & Entertainment
  • The Media and Entertainment industry scenario

    Media and talent go hand in hand; one is nullified without the other but it isn't just the talent on television screens but also those that work silently that count in setting the better companies apart. Heralding a strong phase of growth, backed by increasing consumer demand as well as improving advertising revenues, the media industry can truly be described as a sunrise sector.

    Today's entertainment industry is growing at a frenzied pace and relationships with employees is now quickly evolving into a priority sector. Quality talent that is loyal to a company is the buzzword and our assessment solutions work at finding you the talent that stays on.

    Expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.9 per cent year-on-year, the Indian media & entertainment sector may reach USD 28.82 billion in the next few years.

    Key HR Challenges for the Media and Entertainment industry

    While constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to keep themselves ahead of their competitors, most media companies are now increasingly focusing on improving their quality of talent. However, the sector continues to lag behind due to paucity and mismanagement of talent as well as a lack of standardisation across levels with regards to salaries and designations.

    The demand supply gap particularly with respect to the right creative content talent is another trend which needs to be addressed. Absence of employable resources which is primarily due to low awareness of media and entertainment as a career and non-existence of a standardised and quality curriculum across limited institutes in India is a major constraint.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    With our online assessment platform we help you assess and select dynamic talent to optimize the quality and loyalty of your employee team.

    We help you find the next generation of employees that compete with new consumer tastes and demands while productively adding to your value chain. It isn't in finding these professionals where most recruiters flounder but it is retention of the dynamic talent where it becomes a challenge and we recognize and remedy this concern with our assessment solutions.

    With assessments that help you recognize the best talent during campus recruitments and even later hiring, development assessments and performance measurement tests that help you analyse your employee team better.

  • Oil & Energy
  • The Oil & Gas industry scenario

    Among the six core industries in India, the oil and gas sector plays a major role in influencing decision making for all the other important sectors of the economy. With the allowance of 100 % Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in many segments of the sector, including natural gas, petroleum products, and refineries, among others, this sector attracts both domestic and foreign investment.

    Businesses are increasingly rearing technology and working towards uncovering new energy sources and these developments increase the importance of people as a part of the value chain. With changing business imperatives and global couplings across demand and supply chain management, the talent crunch resides in effectively mitigating through these territories to quickly respond to alterations.

    Key HR Challenges for the Oil and Gas industry

    The period of expansion for the oil and energy industry is far from over but crises arising from talent crunch in the future are a growing concern for businesses. There are several challenges this industry faces on an ongoing basis such as talent shortage and talent attraction. With increasing number of projects, most oil and gas companies have created several new job opportunities but face difficulty hiring quality people due to shortage of experienced professionals and skilled workforce.

    Another challenge for most HR managers is replacing existing professionals who are nearing retirement and who have been the backbone for most of these companies. The exodus of these experienced employees can lead to significantly reduced experienced talent in the sector which could be a serious issue.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    We use prescreening and psychometric assessments to shortlist potential candidates and provide professionals that align their competitive skills to your needs and help you develop a strong asset network across all regions and hierarchy.

    For finding the right people that can adapt to the oil ecosystem, we customise our assessment solutions across a long-term cycle that avoids any vacuum in talent and softens fluctuations by helping you zero in on professionals that align their competitive skills to your needs.

    Our prescreening and psychometric assessments help you in saving your time, effort and money help you shortlist the absolutely best candidates that align their competitive skills to your specific needs.

  • Public Sector
  • The Public sector scenario in India

    Central and state Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) play a huge role in the country’s industrialization and economic development. With globalization, the public sector gained prominence in the face of new challenges in developed economies. Providing the required thrust to the economy and developed and nurtured human resources, the vital ingredient for the success of any enterprise

    Most PSU companies play an important part in driving investments in the country thus creating significant value for all the stakeholders. However this sector is also ailing from lack of autonomy, indecent competition as well as irrelevant comparisons.

    Key HR Challenges for the Public sector

    Most PSU companies have been facing human capital challenges including the retirement of several mid and senior level managers that creates a leadership vacuum. Promotions taking place rapidly because of the retirements leads to challenges since people get pushed into senior roles too fast.

    Most of these challenges are not just quantitative but also qualitative and can be bridged only by developing necessary skills, competition and leadership. Furthermore, most PSUs also face the difficulty of paying competitive salaries leading to below par recruitments on occasions.

    The government and public sector companies also need to consider how best the cost to company principles can be integrated into their existing recruitment, training, placement and career progression policies. It is now the important to give most of the Human resource related problems in the public sector the attention they deserve.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    At Assesshub we help solve most government related challenges in hiring suitable candidates with our online skill assessment platform that helps assess people for public sector jobs at the time of hiring, training and development. With the increasing pressures on government firms to innovate on practices, we aim at shouldering some of that responsibility as your assessment partners.

    With our customised assessment solutions we also help you monitor and train employees better by identifying specific gaps in training thus helping you further their stake in your organization. Our well researched and statistically validated content enables us to customise tests for each and every role and level for public sector companies and this ability sets us apart.

  • Travel & Tourism
  • The Travel & Tourism scenario in India

    India has been recognized as one of the fastest growing tourist economies with resulting increases in income, employment generation and impetus to developing rural tourism. With global travel and trade putting India on the travel destination map, there have been increased efforts to develop the human resource employed in this industry.

    With a diverse portfolio of niche tourism products that includes cruises, adventure, medical, wellness, sports, eco-tourism, film, rural and religious tourism, India has been recognised as a destination for spiritual tourism for domestic and international tourists. The third largest foreign exchange earner for India, its total contribution the GDP is expected to be up to USD 275 billion in the next decade.

    Key HR Challenges for the Travel & Tourism industry

    An acute shortage of skilled, educated and motivated workforce is what is currently plaguing the tourism market and HR practices with vision and expertise is the order of the day.

    Availability of skilled manpower is a major hindrance for one of the largest employment generators in the country. To sustain growth in the travel and tourism industry, trained manpower/ workforce is required at every level, be it managerial, supervisory, skilled or semi-skilled.

    A study conducted by Ministry of Tourism suggests that existing supply of human resources do not cater to even 40% of the demand. Thus, there is no alternative but to fill the void with untrained resources. Attrition, shortage of tourism training infrastructure, qualified trainers, and lack of proper strategies and policies for human resource development also affect the industry.

    How our Online Assessment Platform can help

    At AssessHub, we help you in reducing attrition rates and raising the quality of recruits with online assessments that help you hire and develop professionals with requisite skill sets to keep your hospitality a notch above your competitors.

    This helps you get an insight into the workforce that can make or break or profit margins. With assessment solutions that work through your entire recruitment cycle, we help you bridge the gaps in skill and help you further develop employees to chart their growth.

    With customised tests that measure job specific skills using benchmarking score and talent analytics, we help you identify the right talent for your organization

  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Online Assessment for Aerospace & Aviation industry

    Aiming to become the third-largest aviation market by 2020, India’s civil aviation industry is well and truly on a high-growth trajectory. With a new era of expansion, India has a civil aviation market size of around USD 16 billion.

    As one of the five fastest-growing aviation markets globally with 275 million new passengers, there are tremendous growth opportunities that remain highly untapped.

    As one of the most volatile industries in the world, the way it does business is constantly changing due to several external forces. Most airlines have been subject to bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, and even uncontrollable factors such as the political and economic situation of society.

    Key HR Challenges for the Aerospace & Aviation industry

    The role of HR in the aviation industry is complicated by the challenge of the ever-changing requirements of this sector. As the industry rapidly evolves, job security is a huge concern for employees at any level. Besides this, the HR must also be capable enough to successfully handle employee disgruntlements and possible strikes or other union-based actions.

    There are also several cultural issues to be dealt with including the fact that most junior level executives and freshmen have taken contemporary courses in aviation which their seniors probably have not. The acceptance of a subordinates’ formal education is another huge challenge given a culture where experience plays a larger role in evaluation of talent within the industry.

    With the availability of structured training both for skilled labour as well as management, airlines have been struggling to acquire and retain talent. The urgency for talent acquisition has resulted in an exponential increase in salaries despite the pressure bottom line.

    How our Online Assessment Platform can help

    At AssessHub, our assessment solutions helps you find hires that make a difference, be it for the temporary or permanent staffing requirements of your airlines. With our unique assessment solutions that understand the needs of the aviation industry in all its complexities, we help you hire and develop human resource that proves itself indispensible to your operations and improves the performance of your business.

    With the right combination of personality and aptitude assessments, we ensure that your potential hires are fitted to serve your needs and we help you screen candidates through merit tracking systems that mobilize the right staff towards you.

  • Automotive
  • The Automotive industry scenario

    Accounting for almost 7% of the country's Gross Domestic Product, FY 2014-15, the Indian automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world. With a growing middle class and a young population, the two wheeler segment comprises 80% of the market share of the Indian automobile market. Several initiatives taken by the government and the major automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a leader in the Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler market in the world in the next decade.

    The automotive industry works across manufacture and design, repair services and research and development of newer parts of automobiles. Across the domain of the automotive sector, capacity constraint and recessionary trends are quickly forcing managers to look for alternate solutions that can bolster sales. One such growing asset is developing the human resource.

    Key HR Challenges for the Automotive industry

    One of the key challenges for HR in this industry is the critical shortfall in both technical and commercial CXO level talent availability in the auto industry. Due to absence of access to the right quality talent with the essentialset of skills and competencies, many companies are compelled to lower their expectations and compromise on skills needed for management of critical functions.

    Data suggests that the industry hasn’t taken any effective steps to meet this glaring gap in need and availability at the CXO and sub-CXO (its direct report) levels. It is also believed that the competencies needed have to be freshly studied and unless this level of leadership becomes future-ready to propel the industry in the coming years, there would be a vacuum in strategic growth.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    Whether you're a motor dealer, retailer, body shop, manufacturer or importer, AssessHub lends its expertise and knowledge to simply find you the right candidates. At AssessHub, we understand the automotive industry and its growing anxieties over increasing attrition rates and manpower defects and our focus is on changing your human resource fabric through our assessment platform allowing you to dramatically increase productivity and reduce costs related to defection.

    Our assessment solutions help you zero in onto a repository of candidates across all roles and through prescreening and assessments, you are able to shortlist candidates who can imbibe your business culture even before they join you, leading to an increase in productivity and reduction of costs related to defection.

  • Healthcare
  • The Health care industry scenario

    One of India’s largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment, Healthcare consists of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. Due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players, the Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace.

    With healthcare practitioners using medical applications to institutes automating processes, the technological revolution has definitely set off a new path for the healthcare industry.

    Key HR Challenges for the Healthcare industry

    If a high attrition rate and skill gap of employees isn't a warning in itself, then lower profitability and customer satisfaction are definitely issues that concern most hospitals. One of the foremost challenges is the identification, recruitment and retention of the required workforce. In healthcare, there is a dearth of talent and trained manpower with a huge gap between demand and supply of healthcare workforce.

    Besides, the migration of healthcare workers is comparatively high, as compared to other industries. The threat is not only from competitors within the city hospitals, but also from government hospitals, teaching institutions and from healthcare institutions abroad. Retaining vital workforce despite the ‘pull-factor’ from competitors is a huge challenge. There is thus a need to constantly work on developing a second rung workforce to fill in the shoes of the employees leaving them. Identification of such talent and grooming them to take up higher roles and responsibilities is a real challenge before hospitals.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    Our assessment solutions help you find professionals who are not only experts but who are equipped with passion and consideration in servicing your customer clientele. Candidates you look forward to evaluate are assessed for their qualifications and placed in accordance to their capabilities. With the challenge of finding the right set of professionals being taken care of by our assessment platform, your concerns as a healthcare institute is alleviated with increased profitability and a content customer base.

    With customized assessments designed specifically for your industry and organization, we help you find the right professionals, ensuring that they have the ability of absorbing into your work culture. We even help you gauge their performance and identify training gaps through their employment to ensure that they grow into those employees that set your institute apart.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • The Pharma industry scenario

    Accounting for about 2.4 per cent of the global pharmaceutical industry in value and 10 per cent in volume terms, the Indian Pharma industry is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of close to 15 per cent to USD 55 billion in the next decade.

    Indian drugs are presently exported to more than 200 countries globally and generic drugs account for 20 % global exports in terms of volume, making it the largest provider of generic medicines globally.

    1.2 trillion dollars are spent each year globally on developing and researching pharmaceuticals and this trend is only looking one way- up! With such large investments that sometimes don't pay off, an important subculture that is being investigated upon is the HR practices that have been a driver for those companies that have managed to mitigate risks and maintain profitability.

    Key HR Challenges for the Pharma industry

    The pharmaceutical industry in the country has fuelled employment opportunities across all functions, including research and development, sales and marketing, finance, project management and supply chain. However, identifying the right talent for every role and retaining them over the long-term remains a significant challenge for the industry.

    The industry needs to coordinate more with the universities not only to enhance the quality of courses but also to keep the academia updated on the industry requirements. According to experts, there is a need for significant investment in continuous skill upgradation, which will go a long way in retaining talent. Rather than treating employees as hired hands, there are far greater implications for HR to start dealing with them as customers who can take their skills elsewhere.

    How our online assessment platform can help

    At AssessHub, we help you deliver recruits with assessments that are tailor-made to service your unique needs. We also help you develop candidates beyond their aptitude as well as identify training gapswith our uniquely customized assessment solutions specific to your organization.

    Talent in this tough market is what drives generic competition away from those that persist in vision and execution and we at AssessHub recommend our assessment solutions to help you realize your potential as a business. Whether it's an interim replacement or an executive placement, our assessment platform helps you shortlist those candidates who are most likely to be the right fit - both culturally as well as with the perfect set of skills who help revolutionize your business as a superior pharma company.

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