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Hiring Secrets of top CEOs: Use of Skill Assessments

Hiring_SecretsHuman resources, once considered only to be significant and important to large businesses, has been playing an increasingly critical role in the success of small businesses today. Savvy business leaders have in fact realised that the most critical element of their success is their people.

The question is how to attract and keep the best ones working for you? Here is one of the well known techniques, though most CEOs would want to keep it a secret:  

Employee assessments are the key to understanding people and take a lot of the guesswork out of how they are likely to perform and their potential, which can lead to a more informed decision when choosing the right individual for the job. Assessments will improve the quality and effectiveness of your hiring, eligibility, interviewing and decision processes, helping you make better choices and ensuring your employees will fit in with your company style.

Larger companies generally have various steps to the recruiting process, including the resumes, background checks, interviews and personality appraisals. Assessments are particularly adept at identifying a person’s work style and qualities, and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Incorporating an employee assessment scheme at the interview stage, and with existing members of staff, enables you to make better decisions, which ultimately leads to business growth and development.

Imagine that you have shortlisted 2/3 candidates for the job in question, but you find it difficult to make the final decision as they all have their own unique qualities and expertise to offer. They are very well qualified, have lots of experience and both could do the job just as well, so how do you choose between them? This is where a personality assessment comes in handy as it can help you determine their individual characteristics – will they work well in a group, have loyalty to the company, and what are their future goals? Not only will they let you move the right people into appropriate positions, they’ll also improve staff motivation as they see themselves valued and successful with a role in the company’s future.

Personality appraisals are often integrated with proficiency tests, leadership assessments, 360-degree assessment or behavioral reviews. They can assist in many ways, from increasing employees’ confidence and sense of security, reducing staff turnover and cutting down training costs, to forming the basis of a successful working team.

Assessments are used by all kinds of companies, large and small, from sales and customer service to call centers, retail and healthcare, proving time and time again their effectiveness in choosing, and retaining, quality employees. Take a look online and you’ll find lots of information and advice available, as well as consultants who can assist you with easy to use assessment and appraisal tests.

Employee assessments are particularly valuable in helping you make informed choices with regard to recruitment, promotion, and transferring individuals. They can provide a clearer view of the abilities and aptitudes of that particular person and make it easier to narrow down the number of applicants. Putting the right people together with the right job for them creates job satisfaction, leading to employees who stick around.

Human resources administration doesn’t need to be difficult or costly. There are plenty of resources available to help; it is up to you to make the commitment to implementing some basic practices in your business. The results will speak for themselves.

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