Assess job relevant skills to predict talent performance

Hire, train and promote talent using customised assessments and predictive analytics
to build world class teams.

Assessment Areas

Online skill assessment and analytics platform to hire, train and promote talent. 
Our assessment suite is custom built and designed specifically to meet your assessment objective.

Hiring Assessment

Predict performance before you hire. Customised assessments for each role and level within your organization.

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Training Assessment

Measure  trainings gaps and evaluate  training effectiveness. Adopt a scientific method to measure sustained learning.

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Promotions Assessment

Use virtual assessment centres to identify, develop and promote HIPO’s. Assess skill, attitude & knowledge to measure performance.

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Select an assessment of your choice

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to provide customised test for each role and level within an organisation
throughout the employee lifecycle for your hiring, training & performance measurement requirements

We have learnt, hence we can solve

We have learnt by working closely with startups & multinationals, from hiring & training experts,
from local & international customers, being sector focused and agnostic,
we have learnt and as a result we can solve. 

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The Secret Sauce

Talent Analytics

Make effective data backed decisions while assessing talent
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Machine Learning

Use the power of self-learning & intelligent re-calibrating platform
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Well Rounded Assessments

Evaluate talent for functional, technical, language, cognition and behavioural skills
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Multiple Formats

Assess using text, audio, video, subjective, pictorial & other interactive formats
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Proctored Assessments

Assess in a cheat proof environment using image & web proctoring
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Customised Assessments

Evaluate people for job relevant skills across employee lifecycle
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Job Simulations

Harness the power of simulated environment that replicates a day in life scenario
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Real time reporting

Access detailed reports & insightful analytics at the press of a button
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Benchmarking Methodology

Company specific skill score to predict talent performance across employee lifecycle
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