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Top companies in your industry use AssessHub

AssessHub SuperBot

Leverage the Power of SuperBot, Your Personal Conversational AI Chatbot on WhatsApp, to Hire, Onboard, and Engage Top Talent with Unmatched Precision and Efficiency!”

Top companies in your industry use AssessHub

Automate Everything

Personalised outreach at scale without any human intervention

Custom Workflow

Easily replicate your current process as-is, with complete flexibility and automation.

Engage at Scale

Intelligent, human-like automated coordination at Supersonic speed

Skills Assessments

Leave the skills assessment checks and followups to the bot & focus on just the results

Video Interviews

Measure skills and competencies accurately using Automated VIdeo Ai

Intent Scores

Intelligent, human-like scoring helps you stack rank talent in order of performance

Document Processing

Automate document collection and validation without any human intervention

Ai Media Processing

Seamlessly analyse media formats such as audio, video & images for richer evaluation

Automated Data Entry

Convert conversations into structured data fields, saving you valuable time & effort.

Recruitment Automation

Screen & Select Top Talent Automatically

SuperBot provides omnichannel sourcing & recruitment automation to help you prescreen and select at 10X speed

Integrated Skills Assessment

Right nudges to ensure high completion rates

SuperBot uses behavioural nudges that understands the emotions of the candidates and engages in positive conversation encouraging them to complete assessments on time

Onboarding Automation

Personalise onboarding at scale

SuperBot manages coordination with employees and automates repetitive tasks so that you can focus on candidates engagement and delight

Employee Helpdesk Automation

Elevate Your Employee Experience

SuperBot manages everyday employee issues throughout the employee lifecycle and lets you focus on strategy

As a bank, we always have to hire the right sales people in huge volumes and at great speed.

Using AssessHub’s platform we were able to screen, assess and offer over 5000 candidates with zero recruiter involvement.

Considering our strict quality parameters and the stiff timelines, this is a BIG Win for us.

Harsh Kumar, CHRO - CSB Bank

Your ‘as of yesterday’ assessment problems need

Time Machine

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