3 Personality Traits You May Be Overlooking In Candidates You Hire

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It has been found that at the time of interviewing new employees, the traits that are commonly avoided include disagreeableness, neuroticism and introversion.

This fact is reinstated through a published research in 2014 in the journal called Perspectives in Psychological Science, which reveals that out of the five popular personality traits, called the “Big Five”

(namely Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Openness, Neuroticism and Extroversion), the ones that are highly favored by most organizations include Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. Read More

5 steps to build a very successful employee recognition program

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Recognizing the hard work of your employees is a wonderful way of letting them know that you appreciate the efforts made by them. One of the most common way to recognize the contribution of your employees is by creating an employee recognition program.

A recognition program allows employees to showcase their achievements, improve overall atmosphere and efficiency of the workplace and foster the values of your company. Apart from letting them know that they are appreciated, it also helps in boosting the performance and productivity of your company. Read More

3 Emerging Workplace Issues that HR must Definitely Watch out for?

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The workplace world is rapidly changing. It means that as an HR professional you must be on your toes to keep up with the ever-evolving workforce. By now you are aware that this is never a dull moment in your profession.

You must understand that a myriad of factors affects employees and employers such as:

Diversity in the workplace Globalization Corporate downsizing Changing skill requirement Re-engineering Continuous improvement initiatives Employee involvement & investment among many others.  Read More

5 things that predictive analytics actually predicts for human resources teams

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Big data is coincidentally major news when it comes to HR and in extension talent management. Over the years, the notions of how big data will significantly transform the universe and how with it the world will consequently shift from darkness towards light have continued to grow.

Nonetheless, data is not a new discovery in HR, so why the sudden fuss?

Conventionally, the main focus for HR analytics has been majorly been suppressed to the present especially items like cost per hire and turnover. However, with predictive analytics, the scope goes beyond the present and seeks to give solutions to queries such as: Read More

How to retain your top performing employees with rewards and recognition

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Employee retention is a key goal for each organization, however, it’s important to dig down into this metric and ensure you’re making a good show with regards to identifying and keeping your top performers. These top performers deliver 400 percent more productivity than the normal worker

The initial step to retain your top performers is trough Rewards and Recognition, to ensure you know their identity, and a basic approach to discover best performers is through recognition and rewards programs. Read More

Talent Assessment: Effectively identifying your future leaders

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Talent assessment can be a wonderful tool. Especially so, if you as an employer seek to find great leadership qualities among the many applicants for a job. There is not much of a challenge for companies that only promote from within because the company can recognize its potential leaders through familiarity.

However, the organization may see a deficit in available leaders and may want to recruit possible leaders among the new lot of potential candidates they look to hire. One of the best tools to prepare future leaders is with the use of talent assessments. Read More