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5 steps to build a very successful employee recognition program

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is a wonderful way of letting them know that you appreciate the efforts made by them. One of the most common way to recognize the contribution of your employees is by creating an employee recognition program.

A recognition program allows employees to showcase their achievements, improve overall atmosphere and efficiency of the workplace and foster the values of your company. Apart from letting them know that they are appreciated, it also helps in boosting the performance and productivity of your company.

5 important steps to build a successful employee recognition program.

Step 1: Form a committee for employee recognition

The function of the committee will be to develop, implement and identify a recognition program for a particular department. While creating an employee recognition committee, you must first determine who will be serving the committee. The committee must consist of management, employees or both. It is important to have representation from each group. Having the management and employees serve the committee, ensures that both group’s ideas, preferences and interests are included in the employee recognition program. If there are many divisions within a department, get equal representation from each division to ensure everybody contributes equally to the recognition program. After the selection of the committee members, you should elect a chairman and a co- chairperson to oversee the implementation and development of the recognition program.

Step 2: Identify the objectives of the recognition program.

After forming the committee, you must identify the objectives of the recognition program to provide new opportunities for the employees to be rewarded and recognized. Here are some important things you should keep in mind:

The program should meet the demands of the employees and complement their job performance and behavior.

The recognition program should be connected to the core values or mission statement or of the division, university or department.

The program must be flexible and fair to the employees in the division.

Step 3: Communicate and define the goals of the program

It is very important that the whole point of employee recognition program is clear to everybody involved. Is the company trying to improve the engagement of the employee? Create a positive work atmosphere? Or strengthen a sense of accountability? The end result should always align with the ways through which they can appreciate each other. For Example, if you are trying to improve the morale of the office, acknowledge the employees with positive attitudes.

Step 4: Decide the kind of rewards you want to offer.

Your rewards can be anything but make sure they are genuine and sincere. You might want to consider taking the help of these examples in deciding the kind of reward you want to give to the employees.

Framed certificates of excellence.


Tickets to local events

Gift certificates.

Gift cards

Step 5: Decide when to award and to whom.

After you have decided which behaviors you want to reward you must decide how often and when to offer the rewards. The committee in charge of building your recognition program must choose which employees have qualified for a reward, when and how often they should be awarded. You will also want to set the limit on how many awards an individual can win.

After the launch of your program make sure it is running properly and efficiently. To determine how well it is working, carefully track the program and the effect that it is having on the employees. You should also monitor the success of the program to keep your employees motivated.

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