5 Tips On How to Improve Your Internal Recruitment Process

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Every organization strives to hire the best employees for an advertised vacant position. Although new talent from outside the organization can bring new ideas and skills to the company, there are also many benefits that you will gain when you hire within your current employees.

First, internal recruitment tends to be cheaper and faster than spending money and time sourcing talent from external sources. In addition to that, internal hiring also helps to boost morale of employees a factor that help to boost productivity.

If employees realize that you actually give them an opportunity to advance or progress in their careers, then they are more to put more effort at work as well as stay in the company for a long period of time. It is also much easier to monitor the track record of internal employee’s because they have a clear understanding of the company’s values and culture. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to improve your internal recruitment process.

1. Internal job posting

You need to develop or create a job posting system that ensures that all employees within the company who are qualified for the post get the chance to apply for that particular vacant post. Whenever there is a vacant position, ensure that the job is internally advertised by creating fliers as well as through the help interoffice email. Internal job posting should include a clear job description, the job’s department, employee eligibility criteria and the date that employee can apply. Internal job posting is very important as it attracts top employees who are actively looking for new opportunities to advance in their careers.

2. Design an efficient internal recruiting policy

Before you even think of recruiting internally, you need to come up with a concrete recruiting plan. For instance, you need to determine who will guide the internal recruitment process. The internal recruiting policy that you develop should actually put limitation to the HR department so that they don’t end up holding an employee from advancing in their careers because of personal reasons. You should create efficient policies that clearly describe what interested applicants should expect during the recruitment process as well as whether applying for the new post will affect their current position. You need to develop clear policies that will guide your employees so that they know what to expect when they apply for that particular vacant position.

3. Improve the recruitment process using technology

The applicant tracking system is a recruitment software that is commonly used to make the recruitment process easier and more transparent. One of the biggest setback of internal hiring is favoritism and lack of transparency in the recruitment process. By embracing technology, you will completely eliminate the element of favoritism and lack of transparency, a factor that will enable you hire the best and most qualified candidates for the advertised position. Technology also helps to improve communication, making it easy for employees to know if there are new job openings and what they need to do to successfully apply for the vacant job.

4. Screen interested candidates carefully

An employee who performs well in one position does not automatically mean he/she will perform well when transferred to a new deferment or a different job position. Don’t play favorites when recruiting because it will compromise the quality of candidate that you will get. Close friends and family members should get same consideration just like other applicants. Screen all employees carefully regardless of who they are before you recommend them to fill a vacant position. Carefully scrutinize their files to see the candidate’s behavioral and past employment record. You can also get them to appear for an online assessment to know if they are a suitable match.

 5. Offer feedback

It is cautious to give candidates who were not successful reasons why they were not selected. Any candidate who took his/her time and effort to apply for the job need to be congratulated for their effort as well given a reason why they were not picked for the job. Offering feedback is very important because it helps employees learn crucial things that will help them prepare better for upcoming job opportunities. Give them tips and tricks that will help them grow and develop in their career to increase their chances of being successful the next time they apply for a vacant position.

In conclusion, as discussed above, internal recruitment has many benefits to your company. However, you can only benefit from internal recruitment, if you come up with efficient recruitment policies. If you follow internal recruitment tips given above, then you will greatly improve your internal recruitment process, meaning that your company’s productivity will also increase.

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