5 Strategies to Innovate your Employee Performance Appraisals

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Innovation_Performance_AppraisalsThe future of every company is directly tied to the quality of talent the organization is capable of attracting and the robustness of its employee retention strategies.

It is practically impossible to build a great company with mediocre talent. Unfortunately though, not every business leader takes employee attraction and retention strategy very seriously. Today, successful businesses are built on a solid culture of continuous innovation and extreme customer focus, both of which can only be delivered by highly talented people. Read More

Why is it critical to have an employee off boarding program?

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exit-618506_640 (1)Onboarding is a common practice used by companies to integrate a new employee into his or her position. This helps a new hire feel welcomed into the organization’s “family,” while also making sure that the company does not face unnecessary costs due to quick employee turnover.

By implementing a strong onboarding process, employees can become better acquainted with the organization’s culture, managers and overall goals. In return, the company can make sure that employees are continually engaged in their roles, which will ultimately result in higher productivity. Read More

How to eliminate the bias from your recruitment process

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diversity-1350043_640It’s nearly impossible to find any organization of repute now that doesn’t have some type of diversity initiative already in place. Particularly, the tech sector has faced a lot of criticism for its disproportionately and predominantly male, white and also Asian workforce.

This controversy has really sparked a very strong corporate response with most top organisations announcing their engagement to hiring more minorities, veterans, older employees and women.  Read More

Popular psychometric testing myths that stop you from hiring the best

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checklist-1766064_640Psychometric tests are popularly used to recruit and select the best performing talent. They help ascertain whether an individual or candidate is fit for a certain job profile depending on the outcome of the test.

It has been acknowledged as one of the best practices before recruitment as it is deemed to be an innovative approach to recruit staff for human capital expansion. Despite this, it has also received a lot of criticism based on various myths and objections. Here are some of these myths which may mislead you in your quest to hire the best candidate: Read More

5 Compelling Reasons to use Psychometric tests for your hiring

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Hiring_AssesssmentPsychometric tests are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The Human Resources departments of most leading companies have made psychometric tests a mandatory part of their recruitment process.

It helps them to get deeper insights about the effectiveness and potential of the candidates as well as their suitability for the organisation. Add to this the fact that they are also very much affordable and you have an irresistible combination.  Read More

Is artificial intelligence taking the guesswork out of hiring?

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while now and has helped in making important decisions for business commerce and trade. It is now also helping the hiring process and making it easier for the Human Resources industry in recruiting new workers that fit the bill. A major challenge most companies face is diversity.

The Human Resources function is based on finding the right fit, developing and making talent align with the job as well as the organisation. Organisations are increasingly making use of AI to help eliminate all potential errors in their hiring, development and performance measurement initiatives. Read More

3 Reasons for you to use anonymous employee feedback

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Anonymous-FeedbackYour organization’s culture is not something that you can develop by sending out a memo. Often it is formed over the course of years of interactions between the various employees that make up the organization.

Company culture can often be an advantage that gives your business tremendous leverage over the competition. It can also be a disadvantage that holds your business back. How can you determine what your employees feel about the culture of your organization? Read More