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8 Emerging HR Trends to watch out for in 2018

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Human Resource is a sector that has changed gradually. Everything from people analytics, the hiring process to software systems, has evolved. Since HR trends keep changing, it is essential for you to stay up-to-date on the current trends.
For the last 10 years, the attention of HR has been on employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Today, there are several tools as well as must have resources that help you to build an enlighten HR culture.  Below are seven emerging HR trends in 2018.

Here are 7 Emerging HR Trends in 2018

  1. Review culture and continuous feedback.
    One of the most predicted HR trends for 2018 is the culture of reviews and continuous feedback in the workplace. The methods that people use to give feedback has changed over the years. As an HR leader or a manager, you should focus on improving your departments by providing frequent and constructive feedback. According to several studies, most employees would prefer real-time reviews or feedback instead of the annual performance reviews. This is because the practice helps them to know where they might be going wrong, and offer them a chance to correct themselves before the annual evaluation. They do not have to wait for twelve months to learn where they went wrong. Continuous feedback will also help the organization grow and avoid significant loses.
  2. Speeding up of performance management.
    We have come to learn that job satisfaction and performance go together. Both seem to develop when employees have an opportunity to explore their creativity. Most leading enterprises apply this knowledge to offer growth of their employees. By developing systems which measure and also manage performance, you can be able to speed up growth and notice the significant transformation. It is vital to promote healthy performance management to both individual level and organizational level if you want your company to succeed.
  3. Digitized rewards and recognition
    One of the best motivators for most employees has been receiving praise and recognition from their managers. In 2018, every person expects the trend to advance. We all hope to see digitized rewards and recognition. Hence, to make your employees productive, digital recognition is a trend you need to implement. Another HR trend expected is peer to peer recognition. Start by using the social platforms and offer a suitable platform for your employees to recognize and reward their contribution.
  4. HR Bots (Artificial Intelligent driven HR)
    Another interesting HR trend to focus in 2018 is AI ( Artificial Intelligence) driven human resources. Even though it is not expected to eliminate the usual human HR, it will transform and help to analyze the data. It will also assist in the primary repetitive HR tasks. When you use Artificial intelligence to recruiting the workforce, you will be able to eliminate bias. It will help to access the candidates based on their requirements without favoritism. It will also let your team focus on employee relations instead of being caught up in unexciting tasks.
  5. Learning management systems
    The need for skills development is important for all your employees no matter which stage of career they are at the moment. Constant learning is expected to be among the most popular and emerging HR trends in 2018. It is essential for any organization that wants to grow to provide learning opportunities to all employees. Through learning, your employees can be able to improve their skills and be able to give the best while working. Your organization can have learning management systems that will help you to check and track your employees learning process accurately, and also help to promote collaboration between various departments in your company.
  6. Increase in part-time employment and contingent workforce management
    In most advanced countries, there is a usual trend where more than 40 percent of employees are being hired on a contingent basis. This means you need to learn more about your workforce structure and whether you can reconsider structuring it. You need to learn and understand the type of systems and technologies that can be implemented in your organization. Even though it is not practical for any organization to adopt a new workforce structure instantly, it is essential to be aware of the emerging HR trends. Keep in mind that your workforce is the most critical asset in your organization.
  7. Use of Online skill assessments
    Online assessments have also become increasingly popular as an effective talent management tool. Employee assessment is no longer just about complying with an organization’s guidelines. It is now an integral part of management strategy. In today’s highly competitive global economy, an organization has to have a grip of what exactly the workforce knows, or doesn’t know. Online assessments including tests, surveys, quizzes and exams have been used to mitigate the risks or relying on mere self-assessment.
  8. Fitness and wellness apps to develop employee engagement
    Another vital HR trend that most organizations are expected to focus on is fitness and wellness apps. Most companies these days are focusing on creating life and work balance. If you want your employees to be productive, and to be able to build a sustainable workforce, you need to balance work and life. To achieve this objective, you can introduce wellness and fitness app for your employees. The apps will help to create a balance between their professional and their personal lives. For example, your employees can have access to dietary counseling, yoga, and work and life counseling among many others.

Bottom-line: While no individual can tell what HR trends 2018 will offer, experts and numerous studies points towards employee satisfaction and digital tools. But one thing to be sure is that technology will impact the HR department, and how they operate. To stay ahead of the game, you should start preparing your organization as soon as possible. However, though the above HR trends promise amazing times ahead, you should be cautious.

You should consider digital tools as a support for your organization strategies, and not for them to drive your organization entirely. It is crucial to be open and flexible before embracing new technologies to support your HR department. Also, do not lose sight of the bigger picture because of the availability of tools and emerging trends.

You need to learn, understand, analyse and consult widely before reacting to any of the emerging trends. For example, AI is a fantastic tool that is the future of HR and other departments. However, you need to learn the benefits and the problems that cannot be solved by the Bots. Today, the HR department is no longer a support function. Hence, it is necessary to have proper infrastructure this critical department.

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