Hello, we are AssessHub.

An assessment company that is driven by passion, science, futuristic technology and customer centricity.
We love to learn, collaborate and innovate to create the most effective assessment mechanism to accurately predict talent performance.

Organisational Philosophy

A strong foundation is what defines the majesty of a building’s structure, architecture and magnificence.

At Assesshub, which is an initiative of Five Elements Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we firmly believe in possessing and believing in a firm set of values. These values are what define our Vision and Mission and as an organisation that strictly adheres to these values, we aim to inculcate the same in our team members across all levels.

Mr. Roy Edward Disney of The Walt Disney Company once said “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

We relate ourselves to the very elements that when fused together, make existential sustenance of all that surrounds us, possible. This is why we imbibe qualities from the Five ubiquitous Elements of being, which not only form the very basis of our pristine principles but also make us the perfect partner for all your Human Resource Management needs.