Online Aptitude Test for Bankers

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AssessHub’s online aptitude test for bankers helps assess skills that are critical to succeed in this role and is customized accordingly to suit the job profile of a banker in your organization. Here are some typical skill sets listed that employers usually seek before hiring bankers:

Relationship Management skills

A Successful Banker is one who has a precise understanding of the client’s profitability and performance and customize according to the client’s requirement. Clients satisfied with the banker’s products and services will refer potential leads. Following these leads will lead to bringing more business to the bank.

Communication Skills

One should be able to communicate what one thinks and convey the message effectively to be a good banker. This is imperative to avoid any miscommunication which would otherwise lead to a disastrous situation. A client will not bring business to a banker who is not able to deliver as per one’s commitment. Active listening skills and adapting to various situations is the key to good communication skills.

Decision Making Skills

A banker is often required to decide between a given set of options to make correct decisions.  The decisions will reap results and it will become clear whether the decision taken was right or wrong and the decisions will invite criticisms or appreciation of a banker by the employer in the future.

Time management skills

For an effective output, banker needs to master time management skills.  That would include planning daily activities, eliminating unnecessary interruptions, setting priorities, and setting a timeline to accomplish assigned tasks in conjunction with the organization’s expectation.

Other qualities of a successful banker include being detailed oriented, ability to make rational decisions, having a customer service attitude, exhibiting professionalism, proficient in risk management, accepting changes and being patient.


AssessHub’s online aptitude assessment for bankers include numerical, verbal & diagrammatic reasoning which serve as the most appropriate assessments within the bank aptitude test. Numerical Reasoning tests demonstrate a candidate’s ability to deal with numbers quickly and precisely which include questions related to ratios, percentages, cost and sales analysis, rates, trends and currency conversion. Verbal Reasoning tests include short passages of writing and then the answers determine the ability of a banker to think constructively. Diagrammatic reasoning questions measure a potential banker’s ability to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then apply those rules to changing situations.


Banks are no longer just deposits and mortgages; they have transformed into financial institutions that offer a wide range of financial products and services ranging from credit cards to business loans to current accounts. According to a recent study, major trends expected in the banking Industry are poor market and investment performance, decreasing client trust, shifting client needs, increased competition. AssessHub’s banking assessment tests in fact includes an online test for bank that helps you shortlist bankers which will focus on growth and margin enhancement, retain existing clients by using techniques like cross-selling and generating new leads.

Main advantage:

Asseshub’s online test is in fact a banking aptitude test to help employers understand the abilities a banker should have including lateral thinking, capacity to quickly learn new skills, excellent communication skills, analytical and logical approach to problem solving and integrity. We help you identify the skills and competencies your bankers must learn and help you select the right candidate for the right position. Our tests help an organization to build a happier, more productive workforce which is eventually beneficial for any business.