Online Aptitude test for hiring Freshers

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India has become a production machine of engineers. Every year millions of graduates pass out in India itself. Some of them would be carrying the brands. But, is the brand enough to cater to your organization. What about the students from the non-premier colleges? How do you select the best from the hoard of candidatures applying for your prestigious organization?


Asseshub’s online aptitude test for freshers  is a scientifically validated skill testing assessment to ensure that the freshers you hire for your organization are absolutely the right fit for entry level roles. This online assessment test identifies whether these candidates have the necessary aptitude and mindset for success within your organization.

The solution to all your worries is the Assess hub’s online test specially designed for mass hires.


The opportunities offered by organizations are highly paid and growth oriented. Ensuring the right hiring of the right talent for the esteemed offers is a tricky domain now. The assessment tools have to be more modernized and effective in the evaluation of the post millennial generation.

Their competencies have to be mapped through the right approach. Asseshub’s online tool is more than sufficient in the evaluation of the candidates. The reports would reflect the problem solving skills of the candidate in detail with respect to time management, logical approach, ability to prioritize & acumen. These tests are free of system errors and are impregnable to unfair means.


This assessment also serves as a freshers aptitude test and can be also used for campus recruitments.

As a campus recruitment test, it can include following sections: 1) General Aptitude

2) Logical Reasoning

3) English / verbal ability test

4) General Knowledge

5) Technical/Domain Knowledge

The aptitude test would comprise of sections containing questions from any of the above. Based on the requirement the test would be designed to evaluate the general aptitude of the candidate. The test reports would provide complete analysis of the candidate’s logical approach to problem solving. The candidate would also face English comprehension tests in order to assess his communication skills. The test can also entail a domain/technical section which can be further customized to technology specific requirements. The test is concise but comprises of selectively chosen problems from logical reasoning tests to general aptitude. The test can be remotely administered in any location. The test tool is most useful in campus placement programs where the no. of applicants crosses numbers of 500. Like any other online test, this tool is also time based but differs in the degree of easiness and quirkiness which can be customized as per the requirement. For example: an IT organization would want higher proficiency in General Aptitude & English where as a Manufacturing company might go for a bare minimum efficiency in English.


The Freshers you hire as they come with a very fresh perspective, are more open to adapt and cost much lower. The biggest stumbling block is shortlisting those who prove to be the right fit and smoothly synchronize with your organizations objectives.

This is especially so as only about 10% of management graduates and 17% of engineering graduates that pass out every year are considered employable.

Asseshub’s online skill assessment platform through an aptitude test and a test of logical reasoning can help you zero in on to the talent pool of your choice with the help of assessments customized according to your hiring requirements.  Our tests have helped companies improve the selection ratio by 50% thus help you drastically cut down on the cost of bad hire.