Online employee assessment software for Hiring Management Trainees

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When you select management trainees, your intent is to groom them to eventually grow into managers across departments in your organisation where they accept various responsibilities and inspire the rest of the staff. While your organisation ensures that with well crafted programs and mentoring, these trainees eventually come out of their shell, it is equally necessary to select the right candidates for these roles.

The basics need to be firmly in place, be it their ability to adapt to various challenges, their quantitative and verbal skills, ability to learn and grasp quickly  as well as personality traits that effectively point out to them as potential managers and leaders. It is therefore increasingly important for you to highlight individual candidates with the potential to exhibit these skills.

With AssessHub’s employee assessment software for Management Trainees, you can now ensure that the benchmark criteria that you may set before recruiting a candidate as a management trainee is definitely being met at various levels of technical, verbal and quantitative aptitude abilities and also personality traits that a management graduate would be expected to posses.


You can now take much better hiring decisions with AssessHub’s online employee assessment software that ensures you hire the top bracket from the candidates applying for the role of management trainees. With data driven decisions to rely upon that share a very comprehensive analysis of a candidate’s key behavioral traits, aptitude, quantitative ability, analytical and logical reasoning skills, you can thus predict their success on the job.

This is thus a scientific approach of shortlisting candidates that highlights management trainees with the right blend of business sense and go-getting attitude. With the rapid pace of economic growth in the country, the demand for fresh budding talent is tremendously high. Most organisations make a beeline to college campuses to bag the most eligible graduates. With our online employee assessment software, this task now becomes all the more easier.


AssessHub’s employee assessment software will contain questions, the responses to which will then predict the key behavioral traits of your prospective management trainees. In addition to competencies, the candidates can also be tested for various technical and functional skills as well as aptitude. Also there will be relevant general aptitude and logical reasoning test that will further evaluate your candidates on their numeric ability and verbal skills. With a comprehensive reporting platform, you will also get a detailed analysis on the performance of these candidates in various testing areas.


Asseshub’s Online employee assessment software for Management trainees is designed to help you evaluate whether candidates applying as management trainees are the right fit in terms of a job and cultural fit of your organization.

With fully customised assessments,  you can now quantify behavioral attributes and also provide a description of the candidate’s personality traits which will further maximize your chances of hiring the best among the hordes of applicants coming at your door.

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