Online examination system for hiring freshers

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With millions of graduates passing out of India every year, it is necessary to discern what separates a set of students from the non-premier colleges? How do you go about selecting the best of the lot who apply for various fresher level positions in your organization?


Asseshub’s online examination system allows you to assess, shortlist and select the right freshers for entry level roles with the help of  scientifically validated assessments that may include a personality test, an aptitude test, logical reasoning test and numerical reasoning test or a combination of all of these assessments. The system is thus a very effective way for you to conduct a pre-employment assessment and thus allows you to deal with challenges such as individual judgement or other bias that may seep in through manual interventions in assessments.

The solution to all your worries is the Assess hub’s online test specially designed for mass hires.


Ensuring that you find the absolutely right talent for every fresher role in your organisation is a steep task. It is necessary that the assessment tools that you use for this process are keeping with the changing demands of your business and also help you evaluate the younger workforce effectively.

In fact, according to a recent study by TJinsite, a premium research portal, approximately 68% organisations presently use assessment centres for their hiring and almost 80% of these organisations using assessment centres find them to be a reasonably effective option for recruiting talent.

With Asseshub’s online examination system, you can now evaluate candidates and also get more comprehensive reports on the key areas of strengths and weaknesses of each of these candidates. You can assess these freshers on pre-decided competencies and skills that you believe are necessary for them to succeed in your organisation.


This online examination system allows you to match your freshers or campus recruitment needs allowing you to conduct numerous assessments and evaluate thousands of candidates with ease. The unique online proctoring functionality built into the system ensures that your assessments are cheat proof with random webcam images as well as screen captures allowing for transparency in the process.

With this system, you can now ensure that your hiring pipeline is shortened and your average time to hire is drastically reduced when you hire the best fit for your organisation with data driven decisions.


You can now reach out to freshers across colleges within the country and ensure you hire the cream when you rely on this online examination system to deliver the best results for you. This can be helpful particularly to recruit quality candidates across functional areas using this online examination system that is at the same time easy to use, reliable and cost effective. With our intuitive reports, you can also now get more in-depth insights and allows you to make better informed hiring decisions.

Some key aspects most organisations look for in candidates while hiring freshers are, the ability to learn new things quickly, capability to apply this learning and work effectively in teams. Companies that try to identify these traits can witness much better results with an online examination system while evaluating a candidate’s resume or through interviews conducted.