Online Personality Test for Hiring

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“People are not your greatest asset. The right people are” – Jim Collins (Good to Great)

AssessHub’s Online Personality Test  is a scientific and well validated method that enables you to hire the right people by offering insights in to their likely “fit” to a job role. It identifies whether or not your potential employees have the personal characteristics necessary for success within your organisation.


This personality assessment test maps an individual’s personality on AssessHub’s well-researched competency framework that beautifully aligns with your organization’s role specific competencies. It outlines how an individual’s typical way of behaving is likely to impact job related competencies.

AssessHub’s Personality Assessment Test is one of the best personality assessment for employment that determines how one will behave on the job – how they will react to workplace situations, delegate tasks or undertake a task delegated to them. It determines the extent to which they follow rules, how well they listen to instructions, solve customer problems, meet deadlines and correct mistakes. It will also enable you to determine how an individual relates to their fellow employees and management, whether they avoid conflicts or enjoy the challenge of working through conflicts, and how well they manage stress.


In today’s highly dynamic environment, it is imperative to hire the right talent to maintain your competitive advantage. Personality is a key consideration when assessing people’s suitability for employment and this well-designed online recruitment test provides an objective way to understand people’s personality traits and its related workplace behaviors.

Main advantage

These personality assessment questions is a unique way of personality testing or skill testing that helps you to identify ‘what makes your employees tick’. It facilitates in making more informed and confident hiring decisions by showing how someone will perform in the job before you bring them on board.