Online psychometric test for hiring pilots

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Airlines or Airforce, both demand their pilots to be big cascades of skills both mental and behavioural.  Having the right amount of enthusiasm for your job, appropriate mind-set and attitude to pursue this career option and most of all exceptional pilot skills make a candidate stand out of the huge crowd of trainees who pass outs from varied aviation training institutions, universities and colleges.

An aptitude test to judge the motivation levels and thinking abilities of future pilots is a must and a sure shot way to have a good peep into the character and steel of each candidate. These online psychometric tests are scientifically proven standardised methods meant to assist in recruitment process.


Validated tests like those structured by Assesshub are an intelligent way of knowing skills and competencies of contenders applying for pilot jobs. They help you find the right applicant which is like finding a needle in stack of hay.

Pilot online tests are a strengthening tool in hands of employers. They judge candidates not on their technical knowledge of this field of work but help you peep into personality traits and mind set of candidates as well. Being well-informed about all these aspects of your future pilots, you can make better decisions and select ones most suited for the position offered by your organisation.


Being in position of recruiter, you must be looking for best talent for your organisation. Knowing your candidates in and out is adaunting task but a necessary one prior to making recruitment decisions. Online tests fit in here because their score suffice as answers to all your candidate related ambiguities.

Close to being called the perfect recruitment method, well-drafted and well-researched tests for pilots are set of questionnaires grilling varied non-functional but essential aspects of each candidate. These include team work skills, leadership skills, inter-personal skills, decision making, leadership, cultural awareness, verbal communication et al. Online psychometric assessments give you complete personality or behavioural profile of each candidate in form of section wise grades or score. Recruitment becomes better shot and easier for you as an employer with these details.

Main Advantage

Best fit candidates are those which have well-suited skills, personality, intelligence and cultural perspective to ply in role of a pilot. Employers seek this mix of competencies in contenders. Right choice can be made if you have knowledge about the skill set of contenders; here comes the role of these personality tests for pilots. While degrees and certificates speak of the technical know-how of candidates, these tests analyse aptitude of applicants with perspective set to justify role of pilots.

All attributes looked out for in perfect pilots including their behavioural traits, intelligence levels, personality types etc. are taken care of by pilot online tests. Assesshub’s online test takes care to cover all important skills and competencies which must be present in employees in role of pilots and gives complete attention to including them in varied sections of the psychometric assessment. Thus, contributing in finding exceptionally well-performing future pilots for your organisation.