Online Recruitment Test for Hiring Management Trainees

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To ensure that you are hiring one of the top 10%, Asseshub brings to you an assessment tool which is a comprehensive & compact test easing your woes. Its data driven results will enable you to take better decisions while determining the employability of the candidate. The reports convey a 360 degree analysis of the candidate by evaluating their behavioral traits, aptitude ability, numerical ability, analytical thinking, verbal proficiency and technical capability.

Unlike graduates, management trainees need to be smarter and efficient communicators. They must possess business sensibility and goal driven attitude. Organizations are now investing in these trainees to groom them into future leaders. Asseshub’s tests for management trainees are specially designed to identify potential employees based on predictive analysis. These tests not only contain general aptitude, logical reasoning & verbal reasoning test questions but also, case studies and situational conundrums to test the presence of mind which is necessary to work with management. The candidates’ responses to EI based questions formulate a report which reflects scores to determine his/her perseverance, customer orientation, people orientation etc. These would help you in making the right choice.


The economic survey of India reveals that India is growing at a pace of 7 to 7.5 %. With such growth, demand for highly skilled and business oriented candidates is on high. To meet these demands organizations conduct campus drives across the country every year evaluating lakhs of management graduates. But these tests need to be more predictive in analyzing the abilities and competencies of the graduates. Our assessment tool is thus an aptitude test comprising of series of questions to test logical reasoning, general aptitude covering commercial maths and communication skills. The language test section can be customized to test the written and verbal skills. For example, the candidate may need to write a short essay on his latest adventure he encountered or an essay on his bike.


Asseshub’s employment suitability test is one of the more effective recruitment tools and techniques that focuses precisely on the emotional quotient of an individual. This is imperative as the analysis would be sectioned in parts like assertiveness, resilience, perseverance all required for an ambitious but, competent management graduate. The test design will contain questions to test the EQ of the individual based on which his/her behavioral traits can be predicted. The situational case studies will also test the candidates approach to time management and problem solving. All these competencies will be quantified giving analysis of the candidates’ profile. This aptitude test for management trainees can also be customized to include the subject specific tests like business simulation, consultancy, accounts etc. based upon the job domain like Human Resource, Marketing etc. The general aptitude and logical reasoning test will be at par with management level entrance exams to evaluate the candidates on numeral ability & accuracy.


Asseshub’s Employment Suitability Test for Management trainees is designed to evaluate the overall fitment with respect to a job and cultural fit of your organization. The test results of this management trainee assessment, not only quantify behavioral attributes but also provide subjective description of the candidate’s personality traits like Leadership ability, resilience, people orientation, empathy etc. Hence, you will maximize your chances of hiring the best amongst the hordes of applicants coming at your door.

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