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How do you drive your Employee Engagement activities?

Employee engagement activitiesInnovative, creative and meaningful employee engagement activities can help you reap more benefits than you can think of! In fact, engaging and  helping retain a good and strong team of personnel is a must for your company’s success.

Employee Engagement is a straightforward, self-explanatory term bringing together efforts made by the human resource management team to ensure that employees have a healthy and fruitful engagement with the organisation. 

‘A happy employee is a productive employee’.

This makes sense only when the workplace environment is positively energetic and conducive for all members of staff. No, here we are strictly not referring to material comforts or luxuries provided for the employees.

These are certainly important but maintaining high spirits of employees and keeping them well motivated before demanding dedication from them, is what is necessary for collaborative success.

In all, happy employees can promise long term commitment and discretionary efforts for their organisation.


There is no one answer to employee engagement riddle!

[pullquote]There are numerous possibilities when it comes to carving employee engagement activities or processes but time tests their effectiveness.[/pullquote]

Employee engagement processes are a mix of such ideas, strategies and plans which have to be used to judge their effectiveness and thus there is no sure shot way through this puzzle.

Fostering an environment where employees are more creative, productive and happily involved in their jobs with full team spirit is a dream come true for organisations.

Effectively crafted and well-executed employee engagement practices can actually make this come true.

Results of intelligently structured employee engagement activities are always positive but reaching to this point takes effort and creative indulgence.

All the efforts shall be directed to align employee engagement initiatives parallel to your organisation’s goals and strategies.

This development of a high impact employee engagement process proves fruitful for organisations.


In following part of this blog post we will discuss some very effective employee engagement activities that can be tried.

Increases the sense of involvement among employees and let them feel responsible for company’s achievements:

Involvement in anything gives sense of responsibility and this is true for all spheres of life. While organisations and their working is in hands of employees, employees should know what they are working for!

Goals, missions and long term plans of the organisation shall be shared with employees. This gives them a sight of their role and responsibility in the company.

When you know what you owe and how it matters, you automatically direct your efforts for betterment of it!

The way this is done remains a challenge as everything cannot be shared with everyone and at every time.  Space out meetings with separate groups or levels of employees and structure out presentations targeting each group of attendees.

You can choose to put in as much as less detail you are dissipating. Construct, reconstruct, review and plan your presentation for each level of staff members addressed, but be sure to share. Let them know what is the organisation aiming at and how important their role is to achieve the final goal!

Make them the hero, make them feel like an asset and get in return their loyalty and commitment for the company. Companies for sure benefit from productive employees, but satisfied and happy employees are better individuals thus it’s a win-win situation.


Sharing systems are means of rearing more talent among existing pool of employees:

Every person has hidden abilities. Digging them, giving room for their growth and finally reaping rewards from their growth is all the result of effective employee engagement activities.

And remember, these rewards are for both the employee and the company. Sharing pools, processes are systems created for employees, makes workplace a better place, an enjoyable environment, a rearing grounds for more talent and pool of positively charged and motivated employees.

Timely gapped meetings where employees learn about happening in the organisation and are asked to share their ideas, suggestions, knowledge and other inputs; is a huge success when it comes to effective workplace employee engagement initiatives.

Again controlling what goes out and what comes in is a challenge for human resource team designing such meet ups. Teams can get together individually to contribute for their projects, bigger groups can come together occasionally or regional offices can connect periodically.

Options are numerous and the one suited best to working and structure of an organisation should be chosen.


Giving importance to not only organisation’s goals but employee’s personal goals and well-being as well:

Regular interactions (one on one and in groups, as possible) with employee of each level is important to judge their state of mind, their content level working for your company and their regrets or inhibitions which are stopping them from being good performers.

This step is important for both small and big size organisations though are seemingly feasible for smaller ones. One cannot neglect the bigger ones also; because here there are more chances of finding unsatisfied employees who are on lookout for new opportunities outside their organisation.

Again, design meet ups, conferences, personal rounds of discussions, bring in mid-level of employees; but put in efforts to know about your employee and his mental satisfaction levels. Giving perks, incentives, free vacations and even forced vacation are some ways of keeping employees feel benefitted, happy and more close to the organisation.

With the above discussion we know there are numerous possibilities to be explored when it comes to employee engagement best practices.

Employee Engagement is a fully developed field of study for human resource researchers today in major universities today. Demand for effective ways to give employees sense of dedication, ownership and responsibility for their organisation and its goals is the key question asked and sorted after. Organisations today, have dedicated teams working come up with creative ideas to make employees proactive in their fields of work.

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