How psychometric assessments can improve your hiring decisions

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head-607480_1280Letting an employee can involve huge costs for your company. Your hiring decisions ultimately determine if you land up with highly engaged, focused employees.

This is one reason most organizations are keen to improve on the accuracy of their hiring decisions. With psychometric assessments, this has become all the more achievable.

But first, a little bit on psychometric assessments:

Psychometric tests have been in use since the early twentieth century. When developed, they were intended to be used for educational psychology. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, about 18 per cent of companies currently use psychometric test in the hiring process. According to many industrial and organizational psychologists, this number is growing at a rate of 10-15 per cent per year.

You are most probable to come across psychometric testing as part of the recruitment or selection process. Occupational psychologists design these tests and their endeavor is to make a dependable technique of selecting the most appropriate job applicants or candidates for jobs and promotion.

When these tests are put to use in a proper manner, cognitive and psychometric tests can enhance the chances that a capable and talented individual will be absorbed into a job role. It should also be noted that the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be at least one year’s pay and this is the reason why organizations are resorting to better employee testing and selection.

Regrettably, too many organizations use the wrong psychometric assessments in a wrong way and a lot depends on from where they access these tests. In order to maximize the predictive accuracy of these tests, it is vital to look for a company that has helped many organizations in talent acquisition.

Psychometric tests try to calculate attributes like aptitude, ability and certain traits needed for a particular job role. They give a probable employer an insight into how suited a candidate is for a particular job and, how well a candidate handles stress, and whether you will be able to cope with the rational demands of the job.

As an indicator of traits, personality, cognition and abilities, psychometric tests can assist potential employers to discover the finest match of individual to professional and working atmosphere. As an employment and selection tool, these tests can be applied in an uncomplicated way at the early stages of the selection process in order to shortlist candidates who are likely to be best suited for the job, hence cutting down the consequences of a bad hire. They can also offer management with assistance on career development for on hand employees. Due to their significance in making staff decisions, it is fundamental that the tests themselves are known to create precise results based on uniform methods and arithmetical principles.

Usually, psychometric assessment techniques will intend to recognize an individual’s direction in areas like:

  • Abilities
  • Personality traits
  • Style and interests

Capable administrative assessment specialists will utilize thorough standards to pick paramount, most statistically precise psychometric tests accessible in each of these areas and apply them in the most perfect way possible. Here is an online platform for you to experience psychometric assessments in action: Click here to visit

Psychometric testing can gauge several attributes like acumen, decisive analysis, impetus and an overall personality report. An interview process following this can also be subjective and even though employers will by and large evaluate skills and assess quite exactly, much can still be known regarding aligned values.

These tests give you an insight on measurable, objective data that gives you a better all-round view of a candidate’s aptness.

It is known and accepted now that psychometric testing offers necessary scientific credibility and objectivity to the process of recruiting. It provides a highly accurate way of assessing a candidate and knowing their suitability for the job.