How to Increase the ‘Job Acceptance Rate’ Of the Talent You Select

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Job acceptance rateWhile there is no doubt that getting a suitable job is a tough proposition; identifying, recruiting and retaining quality human resources is also an equally tough job.

Though there could be thousands of job-seekers out there, the onus lies on the recruiting companies to ensure that they are able to place the right employees at the right place, at the right time and for the right compensation. This is easier said than done. Many employers suffer from wrong selection of candidates and often the job acceptance rate does not meet the expected standards.

This leads to discontentment both for the employees and the employers. Attrition rates also go up significantly and the productivity of the departments or even the organization as a whole may take a beating.

How to Solve the Problem?

Most HR departments believe in outsourcing their job requirements to experienced and professional job recruitment companies and consultants. This is because they believe that these employment agencies have the required experience, expertise, skill set and wherewithal in identifying the right candidate for the right job.

However, quite a few times the job agencies and consultants are found wanting when it comes to identifying the right candidates. There is mismatch between the expectations that employers have and what the agencies offer on the table. Here are a few useful tips which perhaps could help in decreasing the gap between the two.

1. Making Candidates Aware About The Job Description

In many cases, the employment agencies are not clear about the job descriptions when they look out for candidates. Hence, some bit of quality time and effort needs to be given for coming out with the right job description. This will help filter out unsuitable candidates even before the initial screening process begins.

2. Foolproof Screening Process

Once the candidates start sending in their applications, the job consultants or even the HR department should ensure that they have a foolproof screening process in place. Care should be taken to find more about the suitability of the candidates for certain requirements. It is not about matching the educational qualifications, experience and skill set. There are other attributes which also could determine whether a candidate will be suitable for a particular job or not. The overall attitude of the job applicant, his or her basic traits and characteristics are important points which must be closely examined before short listing him or her for the job.

3. Will They Be Suitable Culturally?

Different organizations have different cultures. Hence the employment agencies or consultants must take steps to ensure that the candidates will be able to gel well with the overall culture of the organization. This will make such talents more acceptable and it will be a win-win situation both for the candidates and the employers.

It has been researched and found out that cultural shocks are often the main reason why new employees fail to pass the muster when it comes to their overall acceptability. Before advertising for job vacancies, it might be better if the overall culture of the organization is made known to prospective candidates. This will help filter those who may not be able to fit in to the particular culture or organizations.

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