HR Innovations: The Top 5 Game Changers for HR

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Attracting the best talent, retaining them and enhancing their productivity – these are the top 3 human resource challenges anticipated by Indian organizations.

This is according to a survey conducted by Randstad, based on the feedback of almost 500 prominent HR leaders from some of India’s most admired companies across industries

Attracting the best talent is thus proving to be the most serious roadblock for India Inc.

Most HR leaders feel the need for HR to be aligned with the overall business.

Here are some of the Top HR Game Changers expected in 2016

  • The need to align HR with the overall Business

 Respondents believe that HR has now significantly progressed from just being a support function to now playing a more strategic role in the overall business activities. Hence, it is all the more important to stop perceiving HR as just an independent vertical but more so integrated with the business.

  • Workforce across multiple generations

 Almost 35% of HR leaders believed that managing the overall expectations of a workforce comprising personnel across generations is a significant game changer.  This is particularly so as it depicts solidarity and better organizational bonding as each generation has a diverse set of needs and demands.

  • Focus on innovative culture

A culture that allows employees to be forthcoming, innovative as well as open to taking risks is one of the game changing trends mentioned by almost 34% respondents. Driving a culture of innovation is a given to be one up on the competition and also take necessary risks with workforce that is fully prepared with the necessary skill sets.

  • Developing leaders for the future

This was been ranked by almost 34% of HR leaders as the fourth biggest game changer in HR for 2016. The next rung of leaders, succession planning and having a pool of talent of future leaders at various levels can be a key advantage that organizations wouldn’t want to miss out on. To know who can be your next set of leaders is easier when you are able to map the key leadership competencies and skills effectively which can be gauged even on an online platform.

  • Having effective and advanced performance management systems

Performance management systems will undergo tremendous transformation according to 28% leaders surveyed as this has now been ranked at number 5 in the list of all major HR changes. This is primarily about taking a major shift away from the usual bell curve performance appraisal system into something much more transparent and better such as 360 degrees feedback or open ranking systems.

Thus hiring top talent, retaining them isn’t just about being HR today,  it’s moved much beyond and is more of a strategic role today. It is in a way a reincarnation where HR is now seen as a game changer playing a typical function and a significant leap ahead from the HR in the previous decade thus aligning itself completely with the business.


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