5 Effective Tactics to Improve your Employee Retention Rate

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Terminating an employee is an easier experience for any human resource manager, than when an employee leaves abruptly. It does not matter the reasons for leaving.

Unexpected replacements are devastating. That is why you need some effective tactics in place that can help you to improve your employee retention rate. Here are 5 that you can use: 

1. Careful recruitment

It all starts with the labor you hire. You should be careful to avoid hiring people who will quit whenever they want.

How do you go about effective hiring? 

Be thorough with your background checks. Besides, do not measure an employee’s capability through interviews only. Include other methods such a psychometric analysis. In addition, avoid bias when recruiting potential employees. Analyze them well because it is easy to tell those who will stick around and who will walk away the moment they get another job offer.

2. Develop your employees

New and old employees need to grow with your organization. They will feel important and stay. There are several ways to do that. Consider training them to up their skills. Besides, educating them boosts their knowledge about issues thus become more productive.

Importance of employee development

They feel that the organization cares about them, giving them extra motivation. Besides, the skills and education enable them to feel the sense of achievement once they implement them. Self-actualization is the last but most important factor in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is effective for business.

3. Improved work conditions

This is among the hygiene factors in an organization. They do not motivate the employee but make them comfortable to work well.

Ways to improve workplace conditions

You need to look out for ensuring issues such as cleanliness. The safety and health of employees is also crucial. If not taken care of well, they are likely to quit. Allow them to join trade unions and participate fully. Otherwise, you will lose them.

4. Build healthy relationships and empower employees

Good relations among employees and bosses boost employee retention. Healthy relationships create rapport among employees to let them speak out about anything. As a boss, you need to be free with your employees but of course, have boundaries. Also, communicate more by giving them feedback on their performance and recognize their efforts with rewards even. However, do not humiliate anyone in public. It is demoralizing.

Methods to empower employees

Consider leaving certain decision-making processes to your employees. It shows that you trust them. Besides, give them some leadership roles in teams and let them execute the decisions they arrive at. They will feel more obligated to execute them and stay around to see the fruits of their hard work.

5. Offer good packages

This has to do with compensating your employees. It is not just about pay, wages, medical covers, and allowances. Go further than that.

If your organization is doing well you have no excuse to giving your employees a better life.

Consider these packages

Have your organization cover tings such as meals and transport. Have a reward system in place. It will encourage competition but be careful; dubious people can do anything to get the packages. It is unhealthy. Bonuses are another way to keep employees.

With the 5 effective tactics to improve your employee retention rate, you are good to go. Treat your employees right, develop them and compensate them well.

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