Popular psychometric testing myths that stop you from hiring the best

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checklist-1766064_640Psychometric tests are popularly used to recruit and select the best performing talent. They help ascertain whether an individual or candidate is fit for a certain job profile depending on the outcome of the test.

It has been acknowledged as one of the best practices before recruitment as it is deemed to be an innovative approach to recruit staff for human capital expansion. Despite this, it has also received a lot of criticism based on various myths and objections. Here are some of these myths which may mislead you in your quest to hire the best candidate:

Myth no 1: The judgment is unreliable and always generalized

Contrary to certain belief, a psychometric test is a dependable and consistent tool which is valid for recruitment and decision making than use of human judgment for the same purpose. Your personal opinion is subject to bias which greatly impairs judgment leading to wrong decision making because of distorted views of other people. Psychometric test is cautiously administered and highly scrutinized to ensure reliability in assessing its intended criteria and also to ensure it is functional.

Myth no 2: The test is time consuming

Time is of great importance in every organisation as it will spell out the overall progress and development. Some HR representatives are very reluctant in introducing psychometric tests with the fear that it will add extra time to the ongoing recruitment process and delay decision making. In the real sense, this myth is misguided because you may administer online psychometric test earlier in the process and cover many candidates in one go. This will help save considerable amount of time and help you make decisions early. In fact, in many instances, psychometric tests have been known to reduce the time to hire significantly.

Myth no 3: It brings discrimination and prejudice

Psychometric assessment ensures a consistent and equitable way of selecting candidates and comparing them based on the outcome of the test they perform. The test ensures you scientifically compare candidates using the same criteria and standardised analysis to eliminate prejudice and biasness based on personal thoughts. It is therefore important to make sure the assessment criteria you are using relates to the intended outcome for the test to be free from any unfairness. It will help you compare every individual response to the rest of the group and come up with the best overall candidate. This will rule out the popular myth that psychometric tests are discriminative and unfair.

Myth no 4: The test is solely used for recruitment and selection

Many people disregard the test claiming that it is only used for one purpose and there is no need to channel all resources and time to it. On the contrary the test is used for talent search, behavior assessment and building highly effective teams. The test is also useful for enhancing a more productive working environment, performance management and conflict resolution among others.

Myth no 5: It needs professional psychologists only

This myth is not true and you don’t have to be a professional psychologist to administer the test and come up with a credible outcome. Most psychometric test providers offer guidelines that will help you interpret results and make reliable decisions based on the test. They also offer training programs with the aim of equipping you with skills and ensure that you grasp the methodology and the technicality behind the test.

Psychometric test have the ability to greatly improve the way you manage your team and ensure they do what they are best in. this will improve credibility of your organisation and ensure employees utilize their natural potential and prosper in their role.

Is there any myth that you have come across while using psychometric tests? Please share with us in the comments.


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