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Online Aptitude Test for Hiring Graphic Designers


There are certain professions in the world which do not follow the norms of commercialisation and consumerism, but are an amalgamation of skill and artful imagination. The profession of graphic designers is one such elite professions which runs on imagination, and the words of George Santavana stresses this fact all the more: “Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors.”

With the world wide web being home to almost every business today, websites are our avenues of interest. As consumers spend more and more time online, companies want to make their web avenues attractive and visually appealing. This is where the role of a graphic desiger assumes great importance.

Assesshub’s  recruitment test which is in fact an online aptitude test for web designers, is a great offering from AssessHub, aimed to assist web development and online businesses to hire the mot suitable web designer for their day to day online graphic designing needs.


A recent research study in the industry of graphic designing by Brandon Gaille presented the following: Unlike other forms of employment, many graphic designers require very little on-the-job training to get started with their career. This in turn proves that this is a job for the gifted artists and hence selecting the best out of these is of prime importance for ompanies. This is in the wake of more than 10 percent increase in number of prospective graphic designers graduating year on year.


This is a state of the art online assessment system with an appropriate aptitude test for designers, designed to explore and analyse the multifarious aspects of graphic designing skills in prospective candidates. The test focuses on quizzing candidates on the technical skills of the job, such as rudiments of XHTML, Java scripting etc, and also gives due importance to the artistic bent of mind in them. Cascade Style Sheet making and designing is hence featured extensively in the test modules.

The grapic design assessment is crafted to be easily understandable for the candidates, and also easy to assess for the hiring team in the companies. For this very reason, each aspect of the test is scored and an extensive analysis is presented about the same.

Main advantage:

AssessHub’s testing module can be well referred to as an able design aptitude test online, which aims to help companies chose and recruit the best talent in graphic designing. This is what has brought about a lot of companies to include this in their testing and candidate evaluation procedure at the time of hiring. Many companies have also modelled the testing format to devise customised skill assessment for their in-house team of graphic designers and developers.

The test scrores each appearing candidate on skills such as out of the box thinking, technical skills and a logical approach to problem solving, and hence provides a very elucidate report on the performance of each candidate. This in turn paves way for the selection of the right candidate for the job of graphical designers.