SHRM India 2016 – Annual conference and Exposition

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shrmi16_dareThe SHRM India recently concluded with their 5th Annual conference and Exposition 2016 last week.

The event could be rightly described as a platform that pushes you to embark upon an overwhelming journey into the world of human resources.

Team AssessHub participated in the event this year as well and had a lot of takeaways from the mega occasion that brought together the best of human resource professionals on one platform.

The opening session

The event began with  a keynote address by Pramod  Bhasin (Founder, Genpact) who is considered as the pioneer of the Business Process Management industry in the country today. His address to HR professionals to be able to think, dream, believe and dare rhymed with the theme of the event and inspired us to act on the best HR practices that we preach.

The opening session was followed by the special launch of a Talent acquisition and automation study to understand the key practices in the Talent Acquisition space. This was particularly in the context of deriving value through the adoption of technology. The focus of the study was hiring metrics, the usage of these metrics, its impact and the level of use of technology in the hiring function.

This session was followed by an interesting address to the participants by the CEO of Steelcase, Jim Keane. He shed light on how the company conducted an unprecedented research to measure levels of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

There were also a few interesting panel discussions including a special talk on the ‘Bold New face of HR’. People agenda, an aspect that was earlier the exclusive mandate of HR is no longer so. Today, it is about most aspects of HR such as managing and developing people being driven by line managers. HR however needs to move from being a business partner to actually start creating value that impacts the business bottom line.

This was followed by another session: Shifting Gears: The Talent Acquisition and Metrics story. The aim of this session was to drive a lean and effective Talent Acquisition strategy and critically evaluate plans for sourcing and recruiting top talent. The session also addressed the way various metrics are measured across industries  and also analysed the role played by technology in measuring, managing and improving talent acquisition efficiencies.

One of the highlights of the event for team AssessHub was a study by SHRM that offered insights into various assessment practices in India related to acquiring and managing talent. The study focused on various aspects of assessments such as usage of tests, tracking and integration of assessments with other tools as well as the future focus. The thoughts shared in this session were synonymous with AssessHub’s ideology of ensuring that organisations  get the best talent with the help of a scientific approach to evaluate talent.

There were many more such sessions and panel discussions which concluded with the glittering SHRM HR Awards evening, one of the most prestigious awards in HR that honoured excellence in HR practices across various categories. The theme this year was to celebrate India’s Unsung Heroes and this was true to the spirit of the theme of Dare – a bold new HR.

The event left us with a feeling of wanting to be here again next year and there is no doubt that it will be one of those occasions that everyone in the HR fraternity would look forward to.

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