Talent Acquisition Process – 5 Innovative Practices to Simplify It

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InnovativeIf we ask most HR Managers about the challenges and difficulties they have when looking for talent in mid and senior levels, they will have quite a few things to share.

They will talk about the lack of professionalism of candidates. Many times they also would express unhappiness about the way in which the candidates present themselves. Understanding and following the right talent acquisition process is therefore, a huge challenge for many HR managers. You can pep it up though with a few innovative practices. 

It would therefore not be a bad idea to have a look at the various aspects to be considered when it comes to acquiring the right talent. Here are five useful tips which if followed could make the job easy for those who are in the recruitment hot seat. More often the problem could lie with the process rather than the candidates.

  1. Be clear with job descriptions 

One of the main reasons for ending up with wrong candidates is because of the inability to define clearly the job descriptions and responsibilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

While many do it without knowledge, there are other who deliberately use job descriptions that are vague and something that could irritate and turn away good candidates. It perhaps could send a message across that as a recruiter you do not know as to what you are on the lookout for.

As a responsible HR manager, you cannot afford to take shortcuts.

Coming out with the right job description does take time and effort and it calls for getting into the minute details of it.

It would be advisable to take inputs from the department for whom the recruitment is being made. This is because as a HR manager or recruiter it is unlikely that you will have the exact details of the job description of other departments which could be too technical and complicated for you to understand.

  1. Qualified candidates should find it easy to apply

Today the trend is to go in for online application of jobs. Hence if you are depending on your web portal for receiving applications from suitable and qualified candidates, the process of applying must be easy. The best way to do it is perhaps trying to upload an application on your own and be satisfied that it is easy and user-friendly. Time and ease of uploading are important attributes which must never be compromised. Qualified and experienced candidates are difficult to come by and it would be a sin to drive them away with an unsupportive portal/website. There have been many instances where candidates have given up because of connectivity issues, slow loading of the websites and other such issues. Technical aspects of applying should also be taken into account.

  1. The end-to-end process must be efficient and speedy

Reducing the hiring cycle process is extremely important if HR managers are keen on hiring the right talents. There are many organizations where the entire cycle could take month. Delaying the process might mean that you run the risk of losing quality candidates who might be picked up by competitors or they might simply be put off by such lengthy processes. You must as a HR manager and as a HR team try and remove bottlenecks which contribute to unwanted delays. Using skill assessments can certainly speed up the way you hire the best talent for your organisation. It would be better to start working backwards when you are planning a talent acquisition drive rather than moving from the top.

  1. Believe in frank and open communication

If you are keen on recruiting the best talent, you must ensure that they are in the loop as much as possible. Many times delays might become inevitable. In such situations it would be better to be in regular touch with the candidates and be upfront and transparent about the reasons for delay. You also must try and use the preferred mode of communication. You also must know the right timing for contacting them.

  1. Your hiring process could be a good opportunity to market your organisation

You have to look candidates as customers because if they have a good experience they will most certainly spread the word around. The same will happen if your organization has a lousy and bureaucratic recruitment and talent acquisition process. Hence the internal controls, systems and processes are not internal in the strict sense of the term. It will reach the world outside and if it is smooth and transparent it will be a great marketing opportunity for the future.

So these are some innovative ways in which you can ramp up your talent acquisition process. Can you think of any more? Share with us in the comments.

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