The Future of HR: Digital is the way ahead

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macbook-606763_1280You can ask any business about its top challenges. I am sure you will find recruiting and retaining talent most times on the top of that list. As we are becoming technologically sound, the way companies approach the overall talent search and hiring process is gradually undergoing a radical change.

A couple of decades ago, the resume used to be merely a piece of paper. However, in today’s world, it is a collection of candidate data that can even be found online.

How digital will impact the future of human resource practices

When LinkedIn and online job applications first burst on to the scene, they complemented the traditional paper resumes as well as conventional personal interviews. Today, recruiting has moved on to become a 100-percent digital exercise. Resumes now reflect an individual’s experiences, skills and aptitudes which along with innovative tools like social media and other similar technologies will be considered a primary screening method. People would be empowered to take higher responsibilities for talent management and HR activities. Many employers now use video interviews to give the hiring process a more realistic experience. There has also been a significant increase in one-way videos where applicants can record their interviews for later on-demand viewing.

Data analytics will be a on a rise in the future

There is now a much wider talent pool for recruiters to choose from given the increasing use of social networks and other digital profiles as candidate search tools. In the past, high-quality analytics have been applied to customer data to help businesses make better strategic decisions. The next trend will be not just about sourcing social and mobile recruiting data, but also into actually applying intelligence that can help summarize important information.

Recruiting to become more candidate friendly

What actually differentiates your company from your competitor? While technology is known to make our lives easier by connecting us to the desired candidates, it is important to personalize the experience, build relationships with candidates and not just have a generic online test for all. Businesses are gradually recognising the power of making recruiting a strategic competitive move ahead rather than a mere administrative process. Companies are even willing to invest in tools and technological advancements which will give them a competitive edge over other companies in the recruiting arena.

User experience will be the top most priority

The HR process will now focused trying to understand what users are trying to accomplish and why. The latest HR technology would take into account this paradigm shift in user expectations and hence reduce unnecessary clutter in the entire process. The technology’s focus would now be on a user friendly approach for the candidates. Presently there is a huge gap between traditional HR technology and the actual experience users look forward to. Candidates look at options like e-logins and smart apps to apply for jobs on the go. They want to be engaged in the entire HR process which also helps your company with retention of your future employees.

Most HR processes to transition to cloud based technology

Over time, most HR processes will become automated and cloud-based. Most HR functions like recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training are now being conducted on the cloud. According to KPMG’s 2016 Global HR Transformation Survey, almost 42 percent of organizations planned to replace existing on-premises HR systems with cloud-based systems. More companies are now embracing cloud technology and social media to recruit and engage their employees. With new and improved HR tools that offer immediate response to candidate queries, you can collect relevant data and also provide access to candidates to connect with the hiring team.

Make life easier for your employees with the adoption of mobile technology 

With cloud security, it is now easier to limit access to information. In fact, cloud-based mobile platforms allow individuals to access their information much more readily than in the past. Consider a situation where you no longer needed to email or call HR every time you had a question about your salary or perks. All you had to do was log in to a portal where all this information was available to you at your fingertips. This could be used for making changes to your address to mail or even while applying for leaves or checking your attendance. With mobile HR apps, it also becomes easier for your employees to access this information anytime, anywhere thus making life much easier for HR workers.

Candidates can expect a fast paced and easy application process

Most job seekers today know what they are worth and are well aware of the competition they face. While there are opportunities galore, if an employer takes a longer time to respond or makes it difficult for the candidate to apply, they may forego the opportunity and look for another opening. For employers however, it’s all the more about maximizing the candidate experience with the job application process. One effective way to address this is with the use of recruitment marketing technologies. Quite a few small employers cannot afford sophisticated technology, but they can make it easier. If you have a website for your business, you must ensure that you make the user experience engaging and simple, especially from a prospective job seeker’s point of view.

If there are any more ways in which you are making effective use of digital platforms for your HR practices, please let us know with your comments.

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